Heads, Bodies, Legs and Feet

DxrHqr7Chances are most of us played this as some point in our own childhood but had totally forgotten about it. It’s a fun game to play for children and adults, regardless of ability – even the simplest drawings can be hilariously weird. It’s so simple too and it a great game to play on a journey as all you need is paper and pens.

This is best played with at least three people to get a good amount of variation. Each person is given a piece of paper and draws a head at the top of the sheet. It doesn’t matter whose head this is: it could be a human, an animal, a mythical creature or could even be a beautiful (ahem) portrait of one of the other players. The paper is then folder over, making sure to leave two small marks where the neck and body will join.

All papers are passed round and a body added. Again it doesn’t matter what sort of body this is – the stranger the better! The paper is folder again and marks are left to show where the legs (or tail) should start. Once again the paper is passed and the legs are added, the one more fold and finally the feet are drawn on the bottom. When everyone is finished, open up your amazing creatures and prepare to laugh! You could even think of some funny names for these new wonderful beasts!

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