Fun Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy with Your Kids

It is a warm day outside and you want to spend some quality time with your kids. What are some fun outdoor activities that you can do with your kids that will help the day to go by faster?


This article will help you in deciding what are some of the best things to do, whether it is a new or an old activity that you have done before, that will have you and your kids enjoying your day together.


While it may seem like playtime for the kids, going for a long walk around the neighborhood can be a great exercise. Getting out into the sun offers the Vitamin D needed for you and your kids health. It will also give you a chance to get to know your neighbors better. It offers the kids a chance to say hello to the neighbors under your watchful eyes. A brisk walk is also a great cardiovascular exercise and good for your kids heart health. Take a long brisk walk with your kids and see how energized they become.


Depending upon how old your kids are, riding on a swing can be lots of fun. View KcSwings to see what are some of the top swings for kids and people in general. After visiting the website you will have a better understanding of some of the best outdoor swings on the market. Going to the park or even going on a swing in your backyard will leave your kids laughing at you trying to swing on their swing set.


If there is a pool nearby or if you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, you cannot ask for a better exercise than swimming. While your kids will just think that it is just fun in the sun, the act of swimming actually strengthens muscles all over your bodies. Swimming is a great exercise to strengthen, calf, leg, thigh, arm, neck and shoulder muscles without putting extra strain on them. Swimming also burns calories faster than most exercising, which allows you and your kids to lose any extra pounds. Most kids love water and swimming makes for a creative environment that you all can enjoy.


Another fun activity to try with the kids is riding your bikes. There are many neighborhoods now with bike trails that allow you to enjoy the outdoors while riding your bikes in comfort. The bike trails are often well paved which makes sure that your kids will be safe. You may want to add extra biking equipment like a helmet to ensure that your kids’ heads are protected should they happen to fall. Bike riding is a great past time activity that will work their leg and arm muscles. It will allow them to breathe the fresh air as they journey through a nearby bike trail or just around your neighborhood. This is a great family activity for everyone to enjoy.


If you decide to take the kids kite flying you will want to make sure that there is a large open space in which to fly their kites. There are often areas in your nearby local park that will allow for this kind of activity. Kite flying can be fun. It will allow your kids to run free in the open space. Running is also a great cardiovascular exercise that works the leg, calf and thigh muscles. It leads to your kids expending energy during the day, so that they can get a good night’s sleep.



Blowing bubbles has always been a fun and inexpensive activity for the entire family. See who can blow the biggest bubbles. Blowing bubbles help your kids lungs to be used while helping them to stay strong. As the air from your kids diaphragm is blown out, their bubbles will grow bigger and bigger and bigger. What fun to see the smiles on your kids faces as they try to make their bubbles bigger. What is even more fun is watching the bubbles actually pop from being exposed to the air. Your kids will enjoy being out in the open space while blowing bubbles all day long.


There are some great classic outdoor games that have been played outside for many years. There are many that you may have already tried and some that are new to you. Some of these classic outdoor games include: Simon Says, Red Rover, Red Light,Green Light or Steal the Bacon. Instructions on how to play these games can easily be found on the internet. You may also want to grab a person who has already played these classic outdoor games before to help you explain each game to your kids. These outdoor games can be enjoyed by the entire family and will leave everyone feeling like they had a fun activity to enjoy with each other.


One of the oldest and dearest games to play with your kids is hopscotch. It has been around a long time and all that is needed is a good cemented area and a piece of chalk to draw your hopscotch board. The hopscotch board will keep you and your kids entertained for many hours. Draw your numbers on your hopscotch board and let each kid try and see how far up the board they can go. THe kids love trying new things and this will be no different. Hopscotch can easily become a favorite amongst your kids that you will try to play again and again.


Playing with your hula hoops can be a fun activity for you and your kids to try. If your kids have never hula hooped before, then break out the camera and take pictures of them trying. Kids love to master a game, so if your kid is very competitive he/she will want to master hula hooping. While hula hooping is an art and skill all on its own, your kids will try this fun activity for hours on end, while learning a new skill that will exercise their entire body.


The scavenger hunt will help your kids to learn how to explore and discover. They will have to find the items that you have hidden in the yard. You will first tell the kids what they are looking for. If they are younger you may want to tell them one item at a time, which will allow them to focus on that particular item. Scavenger hunts allow your kids to develop discipline, focus and their memory because they have to remember different areas of the yard. To help them out, give them clues to help them figure out where the hidden item will be. Developing the mind is a great thing, even if it is a fun activity to do.


What a great way to introduce your kids to the neighborhood by playing follow the leader. It will also be a fun activity that will teach the leader of the pack how to be a good lead. The leader must stay on a path that is safe for everyone following. With follow the leader, the kids are engaged with their environment and involved with walking in a straight line one behind the other with the leader taking them wherever he/she wants them to go. You will need to make sure and stay in line with your kids in order to keep a watchful eye on their safety. Follow the leader is a great cardiovascular exercise that will leave your kids with stronger legs, calf, heart and lung muscles after a great follow the leader walk.


Whenever the family has a get together picnic, you can always look for a fun time. Set up the grill in your backyard. After all, it is a warm and sunny day that you and your kids can enjoy. Plan fun activities to play while you picnic with your kids. They will enjoy picnic time with mom and dad. This is something that the entire family can enjoy, whenever you decide to set up the grill. Lay out a large blanket in the backyard and let the kids gather and enjoy their meal. This will make things cozier and more intimate as you enjoy family time together.


If you are lucky enough to have a great beach near your home, there is nothing like driving to the beach for a great day of fun in the sun. Play and waddle in the warm salty beach water. Or walk around the beach and collect the prettiest seashells. As the kids play on the beach, you may want to set up an umbrella and enjoy basking in the warm sun for a great tan. The beach is another fun activity that you and your kids can enjoy. And if you are lucky enough to live in a place where the weather is always warm, this can be a fun activity that you can do all year long.


There are people who live near parks. This is a great way to enjoy a day with your kids. Many parks carry loads of activities for families to enjoy. There may be a game of sports going on that you and your kids can watch together. Or you may want to go through the walking trails or bike trails that many parks offer. There may even be concerts for you and your kids to enjoy. There are usually always swing sets and jungle bars or some type of playset area for smaller kids to enjoy. There may even be a walking track for you to exercise. There is usually so much to do in your local park that your kids will enjoy every day all day throughout the year.


If you are into gardening, then teaching your kids how to grow plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and other things can be a fun and exciting activity for them. While you are giving your kids the knowledge about how the earth’s soil helps things to grow, you will also be teaching them how to care for something that is alive. They will learn how to be responsible in taking care of something and watching it grow. If you are growing vegetables, this will help your kids to eat better as they will be proud to eat the vegetables that they helped to grow. Gardening can be difficult with having to dig up weeds and watering daily your plants, vegetables, fruits and flowers. Your kids will be amazed at how beautiful the work of their little hands can help with growing so many different things.


There is nothing more fun or satisfying for kids than playing in the mud. Show them a way of making mud pies. Let them know that this was something that you did as a child. Carrying on traditions through generations is important. While you will certainly have a lot of dirty clothes to clean, your kids will have the fun of creating mud pies and having their hands wallow in the mud like they are little pigs. The mud between their fingers will feel slimy at first, but as they get used to making mud pies, they will not want to stop. If this is going to be a frequent fun activity, you may want to choose some old clothes for the kids to wear when they play in the mud and make their mud pies.


While there are many outside sports activities that you and your kids can try, kickball is usually a favorite. Kickball is all about getting your teammate to the next base. Just like with baseball, you will set up different mounds/plates of first, second, third and home plate. As each kid kicks the ball, they will run to the first base, then second, third and home plate. Each kid gets a chance and there are two teams. While one team is trying to score as many points as possible, the other team is on defense and trying to tag the person running with the kickball. This activity offers loads of fun for your entire family.


Whatever fun activity you decide to play with your kids, make sure that you are fully engaged in their play time. There is nothing better than a parent, grandparent, or other special adult bonding with your kids. These are just a few suggestions, but there are so many others out there for you to try. Once you begin trying these fun activities, your kids will brag to all of their friends, that they have the coolest parent in town.


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