Fizzy Science

downloadBonfire night is coming up and I thought it would be fun to look for some fizzy, whizzy science experiments you can do with your kids at home. There are so many great blogs out there featuring some amazing ideas, I thought we’d share a few favourites!

1. Simple Science Experiments that Fizz

Most of us have tried the classic bicarbonate of soda/vinegar volcano experiment, but the family behind Lemon Lime Adventures decided to try playing about with some variables to see what what would happen. They got some fun and very fizzy results!


2. Making a Splatter Pattern with Paint

Another brilliant idea from Lemon Lime Adventures – dropping water balloons with a mix of water and paint from different heights to test the effect the changes had. One thing is sure: messy fun with amazing results that look like beautiful firework explosions.


3. Firework in a glass

Science Sparks share this lovely (and not too messy) method of making a safe, contained ‘explosion’ in a glass.


4. Milk Fireworks Experiments

The Happy Housewife shows us a simple experiment to show how dilution and concentration works, as well as learning about colour mixing, with a lovely result her children call ‘milk fireworks’


5. Mentos and Fizzy Drinks

This is one my son is constantly trying to convince us to do, but in our own mouths. I’m not so sure about that, but it’s fun to try in a slightly more contained environment such as the bottle of drink!


Let us know how you get on, or if you have any favourite experiments to add!




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