Educational games can be fun

Educational games can seem a bit boring for kids but as more parents devise their own ways to play these can get a lot more fun. These games can be free, enjoyable to make and, most of all, a great way to help your child learn about the world around them.

games1Every child likes to pretend that they have a profession and dress up but you can add some learning into this fun time to make sure that their minds are always active. Instead of just playing shop add in some fake money and teach them to count with it, start off simple by making each item equal one unit of money and then make it more complex with different prices.


Playing snap with cards is fun but playing it with equal fractions can make it more of a challenge for your older kids. All you need to do is make the cards with fractions and percentages on them, such as ½ and 50%, and your kids will need to think while they play the game. These cards can also then be used for a matching game if you flip them upside down and let them try and find the ones that are the same.

games2Parents of children learning other languages can play bingo with their child to help them with their vocabulary. Print out a grid and write in the foreign language words that you wish to use and have them mark one word off when you say it in English. This game can be played at any pace and with simple or complex words to adjust it to your child’s level, you can even give them a head start before they start learning the language in school with this game. Mathematical bingo is a brilliant learning tool too, instead of reading them a number help them practice their addition and subtraction by making the number the answer to a maths problem. If you’re not too sure on bingo rules these new bingo sites as you can see here will help you with the basics of the game.

Parents can play educational games with their kids anywhere and if you have a few verbal games that you can use to keep them amused your life as a parent will become much easier. Playing most games in another language makes them much more educational, I Spy is a particularly good one for long car journeys. For younger children who are just learning how to spell you can play word related games in the car to help them build their confidence. In one such game you could go through the alphabet and ask them to tell you a word that starts with each letter, for older children that are a bit more competitive make it a game to see who can get the longest word each time. Why not look at our Spelling Menu activity for some ideas.


For each of these games you can add your own spin and change them to suit the age of child that is playing so go wild thinking up one for your little rascal.

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