Easter Egg Alphabet Activity

Thanks to Naomi Claxton for sharing this fun Easter activity with us!


You will need:

  •  26 small plastic eggs (The kind that open to be filled with Easter treats – I got 2 packs from a pound shop)
  • Permanent marker pen
  • Basket or shoe box to keep them in

How to make:

  • Take your first egg and on the top half use the marker pen to write A. On the bottom half write a.
  • Continue through the alphabet

How to play:

My little girl (2.5) is starting to recognise some letters. To begin with we played by her exploring the eggs, pulling out letters she recognised and saying things like ‘I found G for grandma!’ I am teaching her the letter sounds at the moment, sometimes mentioning the letter names.

Next we played with me asking her to find me a specific letter…can you find J for Jessica?

Another way to play is to take a few eggs and split them apart into their two halves, and then play at matching the capital letters with the small letters.

We also played counting the eggs, talking about the colours, and making patterns with the different colours.

Jessica invented her own game of putting them in the box and then gently shaking them up and down until they all fell out!

An activity to build up to is to put the eggs in order to spell out your childs name, Mum, Dad and so on.

Oh, and you could also have egg and spoon races!

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