Day out to the Natural History Museum

5956130015_9989621d93_bGreat Adventure! The London National History Museum

To be honest I wasn’t sure whether to take our two girls, who are both under five, to the National History Museum. I don’t know why, but I was thinking they are very young for it, they will get bored and it is a long journey to go to London. I was wrong, 100% wrong. From beginning till the end of the day we all had a fantastic time.

We decided to go there by train and the children loved being on the big train. It was very innocent and lovely that one of my girls thought everybody on the train was coming with us to the museum. Children love dinosaurs and at the entrance of the National History Museum they have got a huge, enormous dinosaur skeleton! We decided to go to see dinosaurs first. They loved the baby dinosaurs and eggs, they asked lots of questions about them. The simulation dinosaurs are brilliant, big ones, small ones, they move and look so real especially the corner with a big T-Rex dinosaur, it had real movements and sounds. That was very interesting, the children were amazed.

The museum has some cafes serving food and drinks but we took a packed lunch with us. The picnic area was on the basement floor and it was very nice and comfortable to have our lunch. After lunch, we went to the entrance hall again and discovered that we can borrow an explorer backpack for each child, which was especially prepared for under sevens. The bag included activity booklets to help children make discoveries, a safari hat, binoculars and some colouring in activities. That is free of charge. We continued to explore all afternoon, we have seen birds, insects, snakes, wild animals and underwater creatures and we were all impressed to see how big the blue whale was. The earth and space areas were amazing too.

It was a totally fantastic experience for all of us. A whole day family outing, lots to explore for over fives and adults but it was surprisingly good and fun for under fives too. Little explorers will have a great experience and surely they will learn lots from this visit.



By Kivilcim Spires.

About Kivilcim: I am a happy mum with 2 beautiful girls age 3 and 2. I recently got my Early Years Childcare and Support Work in the Schools qualifications. Currently I am volunteering at Basildon Children Center and I love working with children.

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