Coffee Filter Spider Webs

A great spooky idea from The Artful Parent – and really easy to do! Your kids will love making some of these as Halloween decorations.

You may have made something like this with paper before but coffee filters work brilliantly – not only are they already round, they are thin but not flimsy which means that are easy to cut, and you can do a few at the same time without them tearing or being too hard to manage. They are also great as window decorations because you can see through them a little bit – they’ll look great from the inside and outside.

How to Cut Easy Spider Webs from Coffee Filters

Materials Needed: 

  • White coffee filters (the basket kind, not the cone kind)
  • Scissors
  • Black felt or construction paper for the spiders
  • A glue stick

Fold the filter in half, then half again and once more so that it is in a triangle shape, then make a series of ‘v’ cuts down one side of the folded paper. Follow this with some rectangles along the same side. You can experiment with thickness and how many to see which looks the best.

You can then stick them to your window (a bit of glue stick works well and comes off easily). Follow this with cutting out some little spiders from felt or paper and adding them to the web. You could even add pipe-cleaner legs to make them super spooky, or hang them from the webs with a bit of cotton



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