Bug Hotel

image1Arts and crafts for the garden? We turned a trip to the woods into a materials gathering treasure hunt for a bug hotel.

A bug hotel in the garden provides a haven for creepy crawlies, this can attract other wildlife to the garden, and give children the opportunity to explore the bugs!

We collected a variety of pine cones, twigs and sticks, wood barked that had fallen off trees, stones, moss and leaves etc. Anything goes really! We have a family rule that we only take things that have already fallen to the floor and we don’t pick or pull at materials.

We had a small fruit crate at home which had oranges in from crust as but you could use any wood open box,an empty flower pot, make one yourself, or even use a shoe box for a short term hotel as this will break up over time outside.

We put the box on its end and then built up late a of all the materials we collected, piled up sticks in a spare plant pot and then leaned some bark and moss over the create some extra shade.

Then- Enjoy your bug hunting!

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