Animal masks

If your little ones are anything like mine, they detest having a mask with elastic strapped on to their face. These masks allow your child to have full control over it with their hands. For little ones, they can hold the mask itself and for the older ones you can add the wooden lollypop stick for them to hold the mask with.


Take a paper plate and cut the middle out of it.

You can make any animal you wish by customising the plate.

We glued tissue paper squares & wool for our tiger but you can use any materials of the colours of your animal.

Add ears using the middle section of the plate or whiskers using pipe cleaners if you wish. Use paints, glitter, stickers – whatever you have to hand or in the bottom of the crafts box.

These masks are great for play time with your children, making animal noises or chasing them around the room. They can also come in handy for dress up or story time days at nursery, play group, school.

Go wild!

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