5 Fun Family Activities to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

As everybody continues to spend more time at home, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create fun and exciting ways to keep the family entertained. There are several options that you might not have tried yet, which all offer entertaining opportunities to capture the family’s attention, avoid the drudgery of repetitive days and even learn a thing or two.


  1. Online Escape Rooms

An Online Escape Room is an exciting activity to do with the whole family at home. It is a great way to get every member of the family involved, working together and bonding in a unique game format. It is also good for kids as it helps to develop important problem-solving skills. Online escape rooms offer a range of different themes and room types to choose from, so you can pick one best suited to your family’s age range and interests.


  1. Art Classes

Art classes are a great way for you to keep your kids entertained, but they are also a fun activity for parents to join in on too! The teacher-student setting means that all parents need to do is offer supplies and let their kids get creative and imaginative. There are many online art courses specifically for children. For example, a popular children’s art course is called DrawWithRob. It’s by the author and illustrator Rob Biddulph, who wrote the children’s book Grrrr! He provides videos that show children how to create their own drawings and illustrations at home.


  1. A Nature Treasure Hunt

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you can give your kids a treasure hunt with natural artefacts as treasures. You can give each one of your kids a list with what they have to find (whether that’s a stone in a certain shape, a type of flower, a colourful leaf, etc.) and then use the items that they find to make a piece of art after the trip. You can go out collecting interesting natural artefacts on your walks and then hide them around the house for your child to find later, or you can try to hide long words and give your children an extra bit of education while they’re having fun.


  1. Take a Virtual Museum Trip

Many museums are offering virtual tours, a fun activity that can be done with the whole family. An especially popular virtual museum tour over 2020 was the Natural History Museum, which offers virtual self-guided tours of its galleries, as well as interactive experiences (one which David Attenborough narrates!). There are many other museums that cater their virtual tours towards children with exciting visuals and interactive options to keep them happy and entertained.


  1. Write a Story Together

Engaging your child in the creative wonder of inventing a story and seeing where it takes you is a great way to challenge your child while having great fun and entertaining them in a less frantic and more relaxed manner. You can ask children to make key decisions during the story or try to have them take the lead from the start. You don’t have to stick to the pen and paper method – there are many websites and applications out there that allow you to upload your story and add text, videos, images, and voice recordings.

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