Homemade Blackboard Frames

IMG_2328Another lovely idea from Claire!


Making a blackboard frame. You will need:

  • An old wood picture frame with backing board
  • Any colour paint you like for the frame
  • Black board paint
  • Course sand paper
  • Old newspapers
  • Brushes

We bought an old frame off eBay for 99p. Removed the glass and board from inside. Carefully wrapped the glass in paper and disposed at the recycling centre.

We layered new paper on a table to protect it. And sanded the frame a little to remove any top wax/varnish. You don’t have to sand it but the paint might not cover evenly if you don’t. We used some old white paint we had. You can get a cheap £1 tester pot if you want to do a bright colour. Paint the whole frame and leave to try for 24 hrs.

We took some time to ensure the backing board from the frame didn’t have any tape or glue on it, and then gave it two coats of blackboard paint. B&Q currently have bright glittery black board paint in different colours if you want something more modern and colourful! We let the board dry for 24 hours.

When dry we put the board back in the frame. We had nails all round the back of our frame so it went back in snugly, you can glue yours in or use tacks which ever you prefer.

Then lean on a wall, or fix low down to a wall so it’s at a child friendly height, give them some chalk and let them create!

I’ve seen a world globe done it blackboard paint which looks so cool! Or you could try out an old wood coffee table and paint the top with blackboard paint! Get creative ( we have a home made chalk recipe were going to try out soon)

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