10 Ways To Spend More Quality Time With Your Child

Life is busy! And after the birth of your child or children, you may feel that your life becomes even more crazy busy! The days pass you by in the blink of an eye between work, home routine and life responsibilities. It’s always a good time to practice positive parenting by making Now a good time to make every effort to spend more quality time with your children. Below are some of the best ways to spend time with your children indoors and outdoors in order to deepen your relationship create wonderful memories and make them feel loved.  

  1. Do Morning Exercises Together With Your Child

Mornings can be hectic, you are always in a hurry, but nevertheless, you can find 10-15  minutes in your morning routine, and to dedicate this time to your kid is beneficial. Try to do morning exercises together regularly to boost your and your child’s energy and promote good tempers.


  1. Fix Something Together

Nothing brings people together and strengthens a parent-child relationship like help! Spend time with your child repairing and improving things! Ask your child to help you when you paint the fence, change a tyre, repair a leaky tap and so on. Home-help is a great way to spend time with your children and, moreover, teach them about tools and practical life skills, as well as life.

Another idea is asking your child to help you fix or redesign some old wardrobe pieces. For example, try encourage your child to sew a her a new skirt from an old dress. This activity can be much more useful and more pleasant than the most expensive gifts.


  1. Take A Selfie Together Every Day

Selfies are is very popular with kids, and you can use this cute hobby in order to spend more quality time with your child. Take daily selfies when you are with your son or daughter, and after a while, you can create a photo album and print the best pictures of you together.  Just imagine how happy your son or daughter will be when he or she gets such a special gift that documents your quality time!


  1. Have a Theme Night

It is a really special time when the whole family is sitting around the dinner table. There are some additional ways you can make these dinners more interesting and fun for your child. Figure out a theme for dinner, for example, pancake night, Chinese or Japanese night, pizza night, taco night etc. You can also turn your kitchen into an Italian restaurant or sushi bar once a week and involve your children in the kitchen.


  1. Play Your Kids’ Games

Be aware of what your kids like and what games they play. Create a family tradition of a family games night once a week, playing their favourite games, and yours.


  1. Stage A Family Play With Your Children

Performing a family play at home is fun and easy to do. Take any kind of story with things that you already have in your house and spend about half an hour on your theatrical adventure. A family play will help you create lasting memories as well as strengthen your parent-child relationship.  


  1. Take Lessons Together

It’s never too late to learn and you can try to learn something new along with your children! For example, take an art or cooking class lessons together, learn to rollerblade or play the guitar. In such a way, you show your child kids how you deal with the challenges of learning new skills while having fun!  


  1. Take an Evening Walk

In the evenings, some children can have excess energy. kids can be hyperactive. One of the best ways to help them calm down and decompress is to go for a walk before going to bed. These evening strolls can not only relax your children, while helping the while family get some daily exercise, they will also allow you to have a cool time with them.


  1. Camp Out In The Backyard

You don’t need to wait for a your holiday to organize a special weekend retreat for your kids. Setting up a tent in your backyard and camping is a fun way to do something different. Set up a tent in your backyard to camp out there – look at the stars, eat toasted marshmallow and tell stories.


  1. Try To Walk More With Your Child

In the name of convenience, you may be used to driving your children kids everywhere, even if the park or friend’s house is located close by.  Next time, try walking there together if your destination is nearby. Physical activity and exercise will benefit the entire family while helping the environment.

Written by Andrew Guerra https://sweetytextmessages.com/

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