Win tickets to Enchanted Summer Adventure – Audley End Miniature Railway

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Win four tickets to Audley End’s Enchanted Summer Adventure

Join us for a magical journey of exploration and discovery deep in the enchanted woods at Audley End Miniature Railway from 23rd July until 4th September 2022. This spectacular summer-long adventure is jam-packed with activities and entertainment, mythical creatures and magical surprises, ensuring a memorable day out in the great outdoors for the whole family.  

Our resident explorer will set young adventurers on their way from the platform, boarding a miniature train to take a captivating woodland journey where they will spot enchanted creatures along the route. The train passes through the ancient mine where rumour has it, the fire breathing dragons live, guarding the precious ancient crystals.

Then adventurers will journey back to our fairy and elf friends who are ready and waiting to welcome visitors to their tiny woodland homes. Wander through the magical pathways in our Fairy and Elf Walk and spot our tiny friends hiding amongst the trees – be sure to tick them off in your activity booklet.

Young adventurers can let off steam and explore the play area, before becoming nature detectives in our special Nature Corner, hunting out the bugs and creepy crawlies that live all around us. Adventurers can hone their skills in our games area with bean bag throws, hoopla and noughts and crosses.

Then sit back and relax and watch young imaginations be fired up by the interactive adventure story-telling show on our Woodland Stage.  

The Woodland café will be serving locally sourced, homemade food all day, and the Ice Cream Hut will be serving delicious Dragon and Unicorn Ice Cream.

Booking is required

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