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Getting You Back — The Kids from Fame Way

How many of us start January with a new goal to get fit for the year — only to find it fizzles out after that first gym visit? Have you been dreaming of a fun and fabulous way to get fit alongside women just like you? That’s where Mum Dance comes in; the 80s fitness classes that are taking the UK by storm.

The brainchild of founder Hebe Alloun, Mum Dance provides weekly 80s inspired dance/exercise classes to women of all ages and fitness abilities over the country.

Hebe explains, “After I had my children I wanted to go to a dance and exercise class that was fun and effective, so I started choreographing 1980s dance routines in my kitchen. Inspired by Fame, Flashdance, leotards and legwarmers.

Mum-Dance started with just 4 Mum-Dancers and now there are classes all across the UK. It’s really important to me that all the classes are encouraging and give women a confidence boost as well as fitness. All Mum Dancers leave the class happier than when they come in. And to me that is what it’s all about”.

There are two weekly classes in Chelmsford and the next term starts the week of 6th January. You can find out more information and get your classes here:

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