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One of the essentials for taking your baby swimming is a reliable swim nappy. Over 150,000 UK babies swim each week wearing a Splash About Happy Nappy; it’s the only brand insisted upon by UK swim schools and recommended by British Standards Guidelines for baby swimming because it’s so effective at preventing unwelcome accidents in the pool.

Splash About is passionate about keeping babies and toddlers safe in and around water, and this includes ensuring babies swim in the cleanest water possible.  It has redesigned its much-loved reusable swim nappy and for summer 2017 introduces the new improved Happy Nappy. Now with a new ergonomic shape to prevent any gaping it offers the best protection ever against unwelcome leaks in the pool.

So what makes the new Happy Nappy different and how does it work?

Made from super soft neoprene, the new Happy Nappy is form fitting, which means it’s designed to move as your baby moves in water. It doesn’t matter how hard your baby kicks or plays, the fitted gusset and specially formed back panels that cup baby’s bottom, ensure this swim nappy doesn’t gape, especially over the base of the spine.  There’s also specialist fabric ribbing at the waist and legs that provides a secure but comfortable seal for a leak-free swim.

But what about toddlers, every parent knows that potty training is one of the important stages of growing up, so after toddlers have mastered it, wearing a swim nappy can feel like a backward step. Statistics show that newly toilet trained toddlers are the biggest cause of unwelcome poo-in-the-pool accidents, but not to undo any good work, Splash About has introduced brand new Splash Jammers. With all the protection and reassurance against faecal pool leaks that you get from its new Happy Nappy but in a more grown-up design.

With summer holidays just around the corner, the new Happy Nappy and Splash Jammers are travel essentials, not only do they offer UPF50+ sun protection, they’re space-saving in your suitcase – there’s no need to pack bulky disposable swim nappies, so it’s good for the environment too!  After care is simple, with quick-drying neoprene just rinse, roll and reuse!

The new improved Happy Nappy is suitable from birth to 2 years, then Splash Jammers bridge the gap from swim nappy to swimwear, with sizes starting from 2 years.

Available in a range of gorgeous designs, the new Happy Nappy retails at £10.99 and Splash Jammers £14.99. For the full collection visit www.splashabout.com



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