Worry not about second-guessing your child’s inner worries

  • Do you have children between the ages of 5 – 11 years of age?
  • Ever wondered what your children worry about?
  • Do you have concern for their well-being?
  • Do you worry about who they can turn to?

The Worrinots is a brand new app. The first app of its kind specifically designed for children who are in difficult situations, experiencing anxiety, don’t know who to turn to or just want to look for information in a safe environment.

Download it here on Android http://bit.ly/2fjh1qDAmazon

Kindle http://amzn.to/2wuD9G8

or IOS http://apple.co/2fjgULJ

About The Worrinots

The Worrinots are four characters designed to ‘make the fear disappear’ with their names specifically chosen for children to learn coping mechanisms suggested by psychologists. Rip and Stomp were born out of these practical methods and deliver their own individual poem bringing their character to life. They offer instant gratification to children in their own unique way when children share their worries, fears and concerns with The Worrinots, making them part of their family.

You probably wonder what happens to these worries, fears and concerns once children have sent them off. WotNot is the monitoring app created for adults to connect with The Worrinots app; this allows designated adults be able to monitor their children’s worries, fears and concerns and respond to them in real time through The Worrinots characters.

In addition to confiding in the characters, age appropriate Worri-tips have been co-written and verified by a BACP registered counsellor, this allows children to be able to turn to trusted tips and tactics in a secure environment to gain tips and coping mechanisms that can last a lifetime. It is important adults know children are in a safe place, whether playing outside or in the confines of their own world on mobile devices. The Worrinots app does not feature any in app purchasing, advertising or links to external websites giving adults that peace of mind when their child is engaging with the Worrinots app.

The Worrinots family edition is available on the app stores now.

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