Workplace Environment Factors that Affect Employee Productivity

No matter how big a business is, the core element of its structure are the employees. The bigger the business, the more important employees are to the vision of the business plan. All smart businesses are searching for a way to increase the productivity of their employees, and since employees are not slaves, businesses have to compete with each other to offer all amenities and workplace environment factors that can encourage employees and boost their productivity. You’ll need to understand how your employees work and how it makes them feel if you want to boost their productivity. Communication is key when it comes to understanding the employees’ goals and motives. When circumstances are causing your employees to perform less than expected and restricts them from tapping into their potential, you’re losing a lot of money. We’ll be giving you a brief overview of the workplace environment factors that could be affecting your employees’ productivity.


A dirty workplace environment can only make your employees feel less motivated to work. No one likes to work when their environment is distracting and dirty. If bad odors are emitted it can cause a lot of unpleasant feelings, in addition to physical ailments. The Gold Coast is filled with rental and commercial properties that require frequent cleaning as the cleanliness factor is very important when it comes to business. According to Commercial Cleaning Gold Coast, “A clean office means a professional business.” As long as you keep the workplace clean, your employees will be able to pour their focus without getting easily distracted.


The quality of air is one of the most subtle workplace environment factors that usually go unnoticed unless employees are unable to breathe. Breathing odorless fresh clean air is one of the most important things when you’re working. Being cooped up in an office with a stale supply of air can drastically reduce an employee’s productivity. Air conditioners can recycle the air in the room and cause the spread of contaminants. So not only the productivity decreases due to the distraction caused by stale air, but also your employees can easily get sick from the bacteria spread.


Ambiance and Sound

The general ambiance of the workplace can be manipulated using sounds. This depends on the type of work your employees do; if it doesn’t require concentration on audio then music should be perfect. Music can energize the workplace atmosphere and encourage employees to give their best. A lot of youthful startups use background music to boost the creativity and productivity of their workers. Research shows that almost half of business owners believe there is a positive direct link between music and sales of the business.



Employees who work in an office all day are the greatest sufferers of the negative impact of the lack of lighting. In seasons like winter, daylight is cut short and it affects the overall morale of the team. Big windows that bring in as much sunlight as possible are known to be a great source of light and can help you cut down on energy bills while boosting your employees’ productivity. An office with too much artificial light can cause many physical problems whether it’s dimmed or harsh.



The positive effect of plants is both mental and physical on employees’ health. It can work wonders as it filters the air and keeps it clean, in addition to filling up blank spaces. A workplace without plants can invite depressing moods as it will make employees feel at stark contrast with nature, and therefore lose their energy.


A workplace doesn’t have to be a prison. It’s a hard equation to balance the needs of your employees with what you need from them. You can’t simply pour resources and money without a plan and expect the best outcome. Try sizing up your business and thinking about their needs individually and then collectively to get the best performance out of your employees.


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