Why It’s Important to See A Gynaecologist Regularly

Your health is something that you should always take seriously, and visiting a doctor, dentist, even optometrist regularly is crucial for your overall health and to ensure that all is well. For women, it’s important to add their gynaecologist to this list of vital healthcare professionals who should be visited regularly, even if it doesn’t seem as though anything is wrong. There are many reasons why it’s so important to see a gynaecologist regularly; read on to find out what they are.


You’ll Be Screened for STIs 

STIs (sexually transmitted infections) don’t always come with a long list of symptoms. In fact, sometimes there are no symptoms at all until the STI becomes a full-blown STD (sexually transmitted disease), but which time it may be too late to stop the damage that these problems can cause, including infertility.

By visiting a gynaecologist regularly and being checked for infections, treatment can begin much earlier if one is detected. This will help you stay healthier, stop too much damage from occurring, and it will protect any sexual partner you might have in the future, too; knowing that you have an STI is vital if you’re going to stop the spread.


You Can Discuss Birth Control

When you visit your gynaecologist at gcaus.com.au, you can have a frank discussion about birth control and what will be best for you. There are various birth control methods, from the pill to condoms to having a coil fitted, and more. There will be something that suits every woman, but the vast range can be confusing. Discussing things with your gynaecologist means that you’ll get all the right advice and start using the correct birth control in the right way.

The gynaecologist can work out which birth control method will work for you by checking your blood pressure and weight and by asking questions about your requirements and what you feel comfortable with.


You’ll Get A General Check-up

As we’ve said, your gynaecologist will check you for STIs and other specific issues, but they will also be able to give you a more general check-up when you visit them. The more regularly you go, the more chance there is of picking up on any issues before they become much bigger problems.

Although your smear test is only due every three years, that doesn’t mean that other checks can’t be carried out in between those times. This is especially important if you feel there is something wrong but being checked over is no bad thing even if you don’t.

The gynaecologist will be able to check:

They will check for lumps and masses and, if something is discovered, a more thorough investigation and any necessary treatment can begin. These problems are ones that you can easily miss without seeing a gynaecologist regularly.


You’ll Learn About Your Body 

For many women, their bodies are somewhat mysterious things, and it’s often difficult to understand why they do what they do, particularly when it comes to sex and reproduction. When you visit your gynaecologist regularly, they will be able to help you understand more about your own body, and that means you’ll be in a better position to take care of it.

The more you know about yourself, the more control you’ll have over your health and other aspects of your life, and that’s a meaningful way to live.


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