Why It’s Important to Curate Your Kids’ TV Channels

Many parents give their children complete freedom when it comes to watching television. Parents often prefer children to stay occupied with TV. It lets them go about their schedules without any interruption. However, it can be dangerous to do so. Television offers all types of TV channels and content. That is why it is essential for you as a parent to curate the TV channels for your children. There are various reasons to do this. We will today highlight some of these reasons below.

1. Minimizing exposure to violence:

Many movies and programs on television are a part of the action/thriller genre. The problem is that if you do not curate the TV channels which your children watch, inevitably they might be exposed to violence. It can have a profound impact on their thinking. Violence and gore images/footages can blur the difference between reality and fantasy. It can even affect their sleep and cause nightmares.


Many kids get afraid of violence after seeing it on television. That is why it is important to curate the TV channels which your kids watch and eliminate such violent channels from the TV list.

2. Eliminating the possibility to watch adult content:

Television these days offer all types of content. There are many TV channels which provide adult content. The problem is that curiosity among children can drive them towards such content. It is inappropriate for their age and can impact their social development and interaction. That is why; it is an excellent idea to curate the TV channels to ensure that such content is not accessible to children. It is a good idea to allow family-friendly channels to be available for your kids.


You have to choose the right IPTV provider who allows you content filtering options. Once you select the right provider, it is possible to control access to such channels. You can remove the filter when you want to watch the channels. However, when your children watch TV, you can activate the filters to prevent them from watching such content. With the help of IP TV, it is possible to do this.

3. Help kids watch educational content:

Television also offers educational conten. When you curate your channels properly, you can provide multiple educational channels to your children. Once you filter out the content which is harmful to them, inevitably at some point in time, they will land on the educational channels. It will help them develop a few skills rather than just a waste of their time watching television.


The educational content on television is often bundled with games and is far more interactive than any other program or movie. That is why, once your children come across it, they will prefer it as compared to the regular movies and programs. You have to ensure that you curb down on other inappropriate content to cover educational content. The curation of the TV channels can help you with this.

4. Keeping their wants in check:

Most parents are not aware of this side effect of TV channels until it is too late. Most of the TV channels promote consumerism. They show a wide variety of advertisements which can appeal to kids and make them want things which they do not need. Consumerism is one of the banes of television. It can not only be financially troubling, but emotionally as well. The demands of your children can increase once they watch all those advertisements on TV.


On the flip side, when you limit their TV watching and switch to kids channels and educational channels, the advertisements are much less intrusive. They are often related to the wants of the kids rather than of expensive gadgets or other inappropriate products. That is why it is important to curate the TV channels which your children watch.

5. Help kids see the holistic world rather than a narrow one:

TV channels portray our world through a slender frame. They glamorize every aspect of our society. However, the real world or the holistic world outside is entirely different. When you curate the TV channels for your children, you can shield them from such glam. They will have a more holistic and realistic approach to the world. It will help them understand how things work in the actual world. It is a good idea to let them learn by interacting with real individuals rather than viewing the world through the prism of television. It will help them have realistic expectations when they step into the world outside. It is another reason why you should think about limiting TV exposure rather than letting them watch whatever they want.


So, the next time you think about the exposure of television among your children; it is essential to understand the need to curate the TV channels. When you do so, you can help your children develop as mature individuals rather than get affected by the notion which they see on television about the outside world.


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