Why a Garden Cabin is a Great Idea for Older Kids

Teenagers, and even young adults, are staying at home much more than the youth of previous generations. Many are choosing to attend a university which is close to home in order to save on accommodation costs, and when they do leave home, buying or even renting a home of their own is often financially unrealistic. This has led to the ‘boomerang’ generation of young people who return to the family home after university or a gap year. In addition, many young people are choosing to live at home in order to save money.

This can be wonderful for parents who are dreading an empty nest, but it can also pose a problem in terms of everyone getting the space they need. Rather than going to the trouble and expense of an extension to your home, you might want to consider a wooden garden cabin as an alternative. If your children are at an age when they would benefit from having more of their own space, or if you’re simply running out of room in the family home, here are some ways a garden cabin could be the solution.


Homework Room or Office

Whether your child is still at school, or has moved on to college or university, a garden cabin can make a perfect homework space or office. Kitchens and living rooms are often busy places and bedrooms are packed with distractions which can make completing homework very difficult. A garden cabin could be the perfect peaceful retreat for them so they can focus on their work and keep their studying and homelife separate.


An Extra Living Space

Any parent who has hosted a teenager’s sleepover knows that even the most well-behaved children and tolerant parents can run into conflict. Add in the future possibility of them bringing a boyfriend or girlfriend home, and it’s clear how an extra living space can help everyone in the family to keep their sanity and tranquillity. Garden cabins provide another living space where teenagers can entertain friends without taking over the home, or even somewhere parents can retreat to for some peace and quiet.


A Family, Hobby or Games Room

When children get older, it can feel like they are slipping away or that you have nothing in common, especially when they spend much of their time on social media, playing computer games or on the Internet. A garden cabin could provide the family with a shared space for games, crafts and hobbies, or even for a pool table, football table or cinema screen. It’s the perfect place to reconnect away from the routine and chores which can get in the way of family bonding time.


A Garden Cabin is a Flexible Space

The key point to take away is that a garden cabin can be a flexible and versatile space. You don’t have to decide from the beginning that the cabin will serve a particular purpose and you can keep it a neutral and multi-functional space. After all, it’s likely that your child’s needs (or yours) will change over time, and when they do eventually fly the nest permanently, you want to have the option of making it your own. The important decision to make now is to invest in a quality garden cabin which fits your style and home’s architecture.

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