When Is it Time to Buy a New Boiler for Your Home?

Many people do not think about the boiler in their homes. They assume it works because their homes are always warm when the temperature outside falls. But as time goes by, both your home and the boiler you use will get old, and there comes a time when you need to replace the boiler. But how do you know when it is time to replace your boiler?

When Your Heating Bills Start Increasing

Older boilers consume a lot more energy because they get less efficient as they get older. Because of this, you may see a gradual increase in your heating bills as time goes by. When you do, you know it is time to get a new boiler. New boilers are extremely efficient and use less power than older models.

When You Can No Longer Find Replacement Parts for Your Boiler

All homeowners should have a servicing schedule for their boilers. This may include cleaning the boiler and the central heating system as well as replacing parts that are worn out. If your contractor tells you they are having a hard time finding replacement parts for your boiler, it is time to replace it. It will get harder to replace these parts as time goes by and it would be a good idea to spare yourself the headache as soon as possible.

When You Need a Modern Solution

New boilers come with new controls. One big improvement is that you can control your boiler using a smartphone. These modern controls can also help you turn the heater on before you get home from work so that the house is already warm and cosy when you arrive.

New boilers also come with smart thermostats, which give you greater control over your home’s heating. As heating is tightly controlled, these thermostats can help lower your heating bills.

You Need to Reduce Wastage

Multi-zone heating is one of the best innovations to come to boilers and central heating systems. Heating the bedroom during the day or a spare room when you do not have guests not only wastes heat, but it also wastes electricity or the fuel your boiler uses. New boiler models have multi-zone heating that let you control the temperature of different parts of the house.

You Need Separation

Sometimes, you want a hot shower without heating the house. Other times, you might want the house warm without turning the water heating system on. Modern boiler systems can do this for you as they have different circuits for heating water and warming the house. This way, you can switch on only the systems you need while leaving the rest of the system off.

When You Are Out of Warranty

A warranty helps keep repair or boiler replacement costs down. When you are out of warranty, you will have to pay for replacement parts or repairs out of pocket. These costs can be quite high and can sometimes be a huge percentage of what you would have paid if you got a new unit. Many new boilers come with a warranty, so you will be covered for up to 10 years.

When Repairs Start Getting Too Expensive

Older boilers break down more often. Their repairs can get quite expensive if you have to call a contractor every few months to check on your boiler. These costs can add up and you might find that you have spent the equivalent of getting a new system in a year.

If your boiler breaks down regularly and needs expensive repairs, perhaps it is time to buy a new boiler.

When Going Green

Every homeowner should be taking measures to make their homes greener for the sake of the environment. Gas boilers do not fit this bill as they emit high levels of carbon dioxide and other gases that might damage the environment and have to be replaced. When finding ways to make your home greener, it is always a good idea to consider getting a new boiler that is environmentally friendly.

Every home has different heating needs. This is why it is so important that every homeowner considers their needs carefully before getting a new boiler. Once you do, you might find more reasons to buy a new boiler including these additional 10 reasons to buy a new boiler.

Boilers get less efficient as they get older. They also get more expensive to repair as they fall out of warranty. When you start seeing things like these happen, it is time to get a new boiler. This is an expensive undertaking so ensure you do your research to find the most reliable and most budget-friendly boiler for your home.

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