What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Among the primary reasons to want to hire a criminal defense attorney includes fear of spending quality time in jail, getting slapped with hefty fines and penalties, and a damaged reputation. You’ll certainly not want to go it alone especially if it’s a case that can jeopardize your freedom or cause you to bleed your hard-earned cash in the process. If you don’t have any experience when involved in any legal scuffles, having a criminal defense attorney by your side could help make things much easier. 

Hiring an attorney who specializes in your interest areas of law could mean the difference between freedom and time in incarceration. There are so many attorneys and law firms out there but not all will help to get you out of a tight spot. Finding an attorney that fits within your areas of speculations is no easy thing. This is especially the case for first-time offenders and those wanting quick legal representation. That having being said, here’s what to look for in a criminal defense attorney. 

Forget the Infographics

If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, then it’s time you looked on the other side from flashy infographics and those attractive law firm ads. A lawyer is not recognized by an attractive website but by the services they provide. Thomas Feiter from the Fighter Law firm says that being associated with any form of any criminal case could tarnish your good reputation and it’s then that you need a qualified criminal defense attorney and not a publicized one. Your attorney’s high priority should be about settling your case whether outside the court corridors or in closed chambers somewhere while drinking a hot cup of Mocca. Ensure to do your homework by consulting with your peers for the attorney’s reputation, track record, and reading online reviews before making the final decision. 

Check for Responsiveness

Time is always of the essence when you are faced with a criminal case. You’ll want the case handled in good time and in a way that clears you of any wrongdoing. By this, it means having an attorney who will get on your case right away and respond to your calls at lightning speeds. It could be a hit and run case, a DUI case, or that you have been suspected with some criminal activities. These are various reasons you’ll want an attorney who’s up to date with their communication tools, promptness in responding to calls, texts, or emails. 

The Cost Factor

It goes without saying that cheap is expensive. This is an all too familiar saying but one that has for years been misquoted. When choosing a criminal defense attorney, and depending on your case, there are criminal defense attorneys who will have their charge options on a contingency basis. Some cases could require that you pay upfront, not forgetting the consultation fees. Be extra cautious of the hidden fees when it comes to hiring a criminal defense attorney. Also, be wary of criminal defense attorneys who’ll not be forthcoming with their initial charges. 

Area of Specialization

Before choosing a criminal defense attorney, ensure that they are qualified to handle your case. This means choosing an attorney who specializes in your area of interest. Also, ensure that the attorney has a good face that is acceptable by judges. Looks count, right? A qualified criminal defense attorney will have the qualifications to back them and it’s these qualifications that will also help in winning your criminal cases. They need to know the ins and outs of the various legal hurdles that could affect your case. 

Attorney Characteristics

Mark Twain was once quoted as saying that “it is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world, and moral courage so rare.” Sounds familiar? Well, when it comes to choosing a criminal defense attorney, you’ll want to be associated with one who has all the right traits because it could help in fighting for your freedom. Among the best traits to look for when choosing a criminal defense attorney include:

  • Great communication skills
  • Friendly
  • Aggressive
  • Confidential
  • Personal involvement in your case

With the grave nature of most if not all criminal cases, you’ll want to choose a criminal defense attorney who has all the right traits and characteristics before they can take up your case to court. It could be that your first instincts will help you out but then again, do more research before your final decision lands you into more problems. 



This could have probably been included in the first pointer but who’s counting? An attorney with many years of experience handling criminal cases will know their way around the most intricate of criminal cases. Apart from being familiar with your specific type of criminal case, your criminal defense attorney needs to be informed of the various ways involved in handling such types of cases. Years of experience in the field also means that they provide you with unsolicited legal advice and counsel. Doesn’t this sound like a winner tip?

What’re The Attorney’s Ratings? 

Today, unlike in yesteryears, you have the option of checking your attorney’s ratings before hiring them from various legal sites. It could also mean checking their stats, successes, or losses from reviews or friends. Some will also prefer to hire an attorney from recommendations or referrals. All these are ways that could help you know the type of attorney you’re dealing with. 

Don’t Be Guaranteed Of Success

As it turns out, most if not all criminal cases are intricate and will require an attorney who’s not only dedicated but also qualified to handle your case. If they fill you up with guarantees, it could be that they are after the paycheck. These could be empty promises that could end up hurting you in the long run. They must take the time to investigate your case and help you weigh your options while at it. 

If you or someone you love is involved in a criminal case, you’ll want to ensure the best legal representation. This means choosing the right criminal defense attorney who will be best suited for your needs. The above tips could help in your decision process by providing you with tips on how to look for the best criminal defense attorney. 

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