What to consider when holidaying with older parents: the top five

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It is often a dream of an adult child to take their elderly parents on a holiday in order to give them a bit of pampering.

If an aging parent has mobility problems, they might not get out much so a change of scenery can be a new lease of life for them. Enjoying leisure time away from the daily responsibilities of caring for an elderly parent and the stress associated with it can be refreshing for the whole family. Such a trip can be a lovely experience if the right planning is put into action as you must remember that the trials and tribulations a senior adult experiences at home will not go away while on holiday.

The following five tips will help you plan a holiday for older parents taking their needs into account.


1. Attractions

When deciding what kind of holiday to take, it will be necessary to take into account the different generations on the trip. Make sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy – be it an all-inclusive break or an independently-planned holiday.

When looking into local attractions, remember that an elderly traveller may need to use a wheelchair or have mobility problems that facilitate the need for extra help. Unfortunately not all attractions are set up to accommodate these needs so it’s vital that you look into it beforehand.


2. Accommodation

The hotel or self-catering holiday accommodation may look great in the brochure but does it cater for elderly visitors? Is there an elevator and can it hold a wheelchair and carer comfortably?

If you are renting a holiday villa, is there a house lift? Are there any tricky stairs to negotiate and how far is parking or public transport from where you will stay?


3. Transport

Make a note of distances between holiday accommodation and tourist spots and check out what type of transport is available and if it caters for elderly. While younger family members will be brimming with energy, a senior may not feel so spritely; especially if you are in a hot place.

Make sure that the family is sensitive to this and ensure that there is always one person with the responsibility of keeping a discreet eye on elderly parents in case they need special assistance.


4. Meals and medication

Medicine routines will need to carry on while an elderly parent is on holiday so make sure that these habits continue. Also keep in mind that older people don’t have the same appetites that they used to have and may prefer to eat several snack-size meals rather than a few large ones.

Holidays are not just to be enjoyed in themselves though, but for the memories they leave. With a bit of forethought, your break with elderly parents will live on in your memory, and theirs, for years to come.



5. Discounts

It’s also worth finding out if seniors can enjoy any discounts during the holiday. Often public transport and entrance to attractions will have a percentage cut off for an elderly individual so it’s important you consider this.



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