What Should You Expect from a Good Interior Designer Before Hiring Them?

The golden rule of hiring almost any professional is simple really, they should be able to do the job you are hiring them to do, within the budget that you can afford. However, while that is the most relevant and important expectation that a client should have from an interior designer, how do you know that they will actually be able to fulfil your requirements? No one interested in the job will say no, so in order to recognize quality professionals from the rest, you need to create a checklist of the following.

License and Permits: Are they Legally Allowed to Work on the Remodelling Project?

The very first expectation on your part should, of course, be that the contractor/designer/architect will be able to produce all legal documents confirming that they do indeed have the licenses which they need in order to work on the project in question. If they seem a little reluctant about showing them to you, you should probably walk away!

Relevance and Quality: Is their Work Really As Good As they Say It Is?

One of the most basic and perhaps also the most important expectation that every client should have from their interior designers is that they should have an impressive portfolio of past work to back up their claims. For example, Nonpareil Solutions is a specialist in bathroom and kitchen remodelling, so throughout St Albans, Hertfordshire and Harpenden, their potential clients will be able to witness multiple projects that they have successfully completed throughout the many years in those categories.

Similarly, expect nothing short of a reliable portfolio in the category that you are hiring the interior designer to work on. Relevance is important because you don’t want your home to be an experimental, first-time project for a budding, remodelling contractor with zero experience in doing the actual work that you need them to do.

Teamwork: Do They Have Their Own Subcontractors?

A good remodelling company with a few years in the locality should have a good enough business connections to hire all the subcontractors they need for the project. That is to say, expect a good interior designer to have a freelance team of subcontractors ready; they should not be asking you to hire the subcontractors for them.

Understanding: Are they Inquisitive about Your Expectations?

It is not uncommon for experienced contractors to develop a sort of indifference towards the specific needs of their clientele, and you would want to avoid such contractors entirely.

If they are not inquisitive about the work, and it seems like they are planning their own generic project for your dream, bespoke kitchen, that just won’t do!

Be mindful of the contract details before signing anything because unless the details are thorough, you may not be able to hold them legally liable for not meeting the criterions previously set in mutual agreement, if and where applicable.

If you have found an interior designing business that manages to meet all of the criterions that we just discussed, then you are probably going to have a great experience working with them.

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