What Personality Type Are You According to Numerology

People are different. Even those who were raised in the same family with similar life circumstances and environments can grow up to be completely different from one another. But have you ever stopped to think about what exactly makes people different? Other than the obvious answer of bodily characteristics, personalities are what really make people unique. 

The characteristics and qualities of every person, along with the environment they grow up and live in, are what make a personality. It is not easy to understand other people if you do not know them that well. However, thanks to numerology, it has become easier to distinguish different personality types and how they affect the decisions and choices of individuals. Here is some information to help you find out what personality type you are according to numerology studies. 


Decoding Life Path Number

In order to understand what personality type you are, you must first understand how to decode your life path numbers. These numbers are calculated based on each individual’s birth date. Think of these life path numbers as guides to analyzing the numerology chart, which can then reveal your personality and what kind of life you are likely to lead. 

You would need to break down your birth date into separate units then into single digits. Proceed by adding the single digits of each unit; the digits of the year of birth then the digits for the month of birth, and so on. The resulting number you get in the end is your life path number, and that is how you can tell what your personality type is. 

Different Personality Types

Once you have your life path number decoded and calculated, it is easy to find out your personality type according to numerology. Several types simplify your life path number meanings, and a different number separates each of them. Below are some of the most common personality types in the numerology chart.


One of the numerology personality types that people can notice from a mile away is leaders. These people dominate any room they are in. They know what they want and how to get it, and they do not take no for an answer. Leaders can achieve great success in life but might struggle with delegating chores and responsibilities. That is not to say they are not team players; they just need to have a say in how everything goes. 


If you think you loved your job a little too much or have struggled to leave the office on occasions, this might be because your numerology chart recognizes you as a workaholic. The workaholic personality can be found in those who give their all to whatever they are doing. They are passionate people who do not quit until they achieve what they are set out to do. Those worker bees are incredibly driven and determined and often reach great positions in their careers. Workaholics are funny and witty, but they might find it hard to form bonds outside of their career path. 


If your numerology results come up with the mediator personality type, then you are most likely the kind of person who is always neutral. People come to you for advice and for your problem-solving skills. You are a calm person who is quite adaptable. Mediators are also often artistic and creative. They have a lot of passion and can translate that passion into masterworks of art. 


The people who have the teacher’s life path are full of wisdom. They have the personality type that allows them to smoothly impart knowledge in a way that nobody else can mimic. If you have the teacher personality type, then you are likely to be really organized and punctual. You can be a little high maintenance, but you often end up being in the right. People come to you for counseling and advice as you are a kind and a great listener. 

Personalities are hard to understand sometimes. You could meet someone for the first time and make an impression of them that turns out to be far from reality or right on the nose. If you are trying to learn more about someone’s personality or maybe even your own, consider the numerology method and start by asking people about their birth dates. You would be surprised at how often personalities match the numerology life chart. Make sure that you double-check your calculations so that you do not end up with a wrong life path number and confuse yourself even more. 


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