What makes a good Nanny?

When choosing childcare for your child it can be very daunting as to which avenue to choose. At Violet Elizabeth Nannies we have put together an informative help sheet to getting the best care for your child. We believe the following is very important and we only have these types of nannies on our books.

Up-Beat, Playful Personality
you can usually judge a nanny’s behaviour with your children by the way he or she interacts with you. A nanny will greet you warmly, ask how you are and engage in friendly conversation. He or she won’t let personal problems affect the way he or she behaves at your home and will do his or her best to make the most of any given situation.

Inquisitive Nature
Great nannies ask lots of questions because they are concerned about how best to care for the children in their charge. You can always tell a great nanny from a mediocre one by the questions he or she asks during the initial consultation and during the first week or so of employment. Questions about the child’s favourite foods, activities, movies, games and stuffed animals are all relevant.

A great nanny is always on time except in legitimate emergencies. Excuses like, “My alarm didn’t go off” or “I was up late last night” are not legitimate and should be viewed as disrespectful. Promptness also refers to getting the kids to appointments on time and taking care of chores in an orderly fashion.

Properly trained

A great nanny is one who has completed any necessary certifications. First Aid, CPR and other training should be viewed not as a bonus, but as a must. At Violet Elizabeth nannies we make sure we verify all our candidates. No one likes to think about something terrible happening, but if it does, you want to be confident in your nanny’s ability to handle the situation.

Always prepared
Another quality of a great nanny is preparedness, and not just for emergencies or problems. A great nanny will bring things with him or her to work to entertain the children. For example, one of the nannies on our books always comes to work with a new board game or the supplies for an arts and crafts project.

Dresses Appropriately
One nanny we interviewed told us that she always comes to work dressed in suits or skirts. While that might seem professional, it isn’t very practical if you’re spending all day playing with kids, so we advised her to think of something smart but casual.

Gives Feedback
A great nanny will always provide parents with a synopsis of the day when they return home. Any problems, issues or events should not be heard from kids later on in the evening, but should come straight from the nanny’s mouth. For example, one of our nannies used an example that she was concerned because her charge was falling down a lot, seeming to lose his balance. She thought that it might be indicative of an inner ear infection and when the parents took him to the doctor, they discovered she was right! A great nanny doesn’t have to be a medical doctor, but she should be willing to pay attention and to report anything unusual.

We hope that information was of some help. If you have any other queries relating to childcare please do not hesitate to email us www.nannyinlondon.com [email protected]

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