What is the easiest thing to knit for a beginner?

Think of knitting and you probably picture some little old ladies chatting away to the clink, clack of knitting needles. However, while there are plenty of older ladies who enjoy knitting, there are also plenty of younger men and women who enjoy this hobby.

In fact, it has become a very popular pastime for many people. It may be because it’s cost-effective, because people were worried about after the financial crisis, or simply because it’s something that anyone can do. Whatever the reason, it’s hard to deny that this is, once again, a popular hobby.

The Ease Of Getting Started

Starting knitting is easy. You simply need to visit the knitting wool store to get yourself some yarn and a couple of needles. You can then learn the first stitch or two and start knitting!

Of course, having a little guidance and a knitting template does make the whole thing a lot easier!

But, in essence, it’s that simple!

What To Start Knitting

Once you’ve learned the basic stitches you’ll be eager to knit something that you can actually show off to others. At this point, you’re going to need a template and you’re going to want to know what the easiest things are to start off knitting.

The most logical thought that comes to mind is a scarf, after all, it’s a set number of stitches across and then just keep repeating the rows until you’ve made it long enough.

But, is a scarf really the easiest thing to get started with?

The Options

Actually, the simplest thing to start knitting is a knit square. This could be a serviette, a table mat, or even a flannel. In fact, this project doesn’t have to be finished properly at all, although it is better if it is.

It will allow you to practice casting on, selecting the stitch, knitting them, and even weaving off to create a finished project. You don’t need to weave off but it is a good way to practice.

You can then make more of the same thing and sew them together to make a bag or even a blanket.

In fact, this is a great way to get started and practice because your first stitches won’t look anywhere near as good as your 10th attempt.

Once you’re happy that you’ve got the square right you can start thinking about a scarf, or even a small blanket. The trick is to practice and get it right.

This will help you to read the template properly and reconstruct any knitting project. It will also give you the confidence to make something more complicated and give it to someone a gift.

To start with you’ll need to use templates in order to create good finished articles. But, once you have a little experience you’ll be able to adapt a template or even create your own.

It really is that easy once you put your mind to it and create your first knitted item.

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