What are the different types of bar concepts?

Concept bars are all the rage these days. But what are they and which one is right for you?

Whether you’re looking for a neighbourhood dive bar or a high concept bar, there’s a concept for you. Most pubs have something to offer, and as long as they have a liquor licence, they’ll please someone!

If you’re a bar owner, you need to know your upscale bars from your plastic bar. Knowing what types of bars welcome the people you want to serve is vital in running your business.

Service-based bars focus on providing outstanding service to their customers. For those who insist on a seat, vertically challenged bars are what you want.

Experience-based bars focus on creating a unique and enjoyable experience for their customers, including live music, entertainment or serving delicious alcoholic beverages. If your heart is set on a bar with a frozen daiquiri machine, nothing else will do!

Product-based bars focus on offering high-quality products to their customers. This could be from using locally sourced ingredients, fair trade origin ingredients or having a unique selection of draft beer, wines, or spirits.

Lots of people are now building their own home bars or buying home bars from furniture stores because people are spending more time at home and in the garden. Not just because of the cost of living and rising prices but a continuation of the trend that started during the covid epidemic.

So, which type of bar concept is right for you? It all depends on what you’re looking for in a bar, and remember, some of the best places barely qualify as a bar!

The classic bar, tavern or pub

These are the most common types of bars. The best pubs offer good beer and a pleasant atmosphere and appeal to more working class drinkers. Pubs are similar to taverns, but they typically have a more extensive drinks menu and feature meals.

Some pubs have live music, but it is far from standard.

A great place for a relaxing drink and working class drinkers remain the main customer. A college bar is a form of pub, aimed at young adults. These bars will be close to their place of education.

Fern bars are also popular, although not as popular as they were in the 1980s. The central ideal was relaxation, and most felt this style of bar was a great place to meet a new partner, or enjoy drinks after work.

Dive bars

Dive bars are the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a casual, no-frills place with reasonably priced drinks or cheap drinks.

Neighbourhood dives are vital parts of the community

This bar might serve food, and you’ll find the greasy cheeseburgers are likely to be amazing! However, the dive bar concept doesn’t include great toilets. A neighbourhood dive bar is always worth a visit but do not wear open toed shoes here!


Gastropubs are trendy bars that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Gastropubs focus on serving high-quality food, and they often have an extensive drinks menu. If you want a transcendent dining experience, book a table at this high concept bar.


Lounges are an upscale bar that focuses on providing comfortable seating and subdued lighting.

Music venues

Expect to hear loud music in live music joints, but you’ll have a great time. Some music venues are very close to a neighbourhood dive bar, but many more are clean, offering a dance floor and plenty of space to see bands. The thrill of a great evening in a live music joint cannot be beaten.

Nostalgia bars

Sometimes nostalgia bars are about keeping tradition alive, and pleasing people who are unable to move on from the past. A nostalgia bar might offer up nightlife novelties, and themes on a certain time or event.

Sports bars

Sports bars are the perfect place to watch games and hang out with friends. Whether you’re cheering for the local sports franchises or you want a game of beer pong, this is the spot for you.

There are no frills with sports bars, but there’s always lots of beer promos. Also, some sports bars feature meals named after teams and great players.

Have fun in a sports bar

We couldn’t possibly say if a sports bar was the place to uncover illegal gambling rings, but you should have fun in a sports bar.

Irish pubs

Irish pubs are in a league of their own, and you are always guaranteed a great welcome, moderate to high priced drinks and the best night of your life in an Irish pub. Some might offer craft beers, but overall, expect to sing, dance and smile. And an ample supply of alcohol is guaranteed in an Irish pub.


Nightclubs are focused on dancing and music and usually have a cover charge or minimum spend requirement. There will be a dance floor, and the central idea is to dance and mingle!

Cigar bars

A cigar bar, as the name suggests, is a classy club, allowing you to drink and smoke the finest cigars!


Breweries are a type of bar that produces their own beer on-site. If you love craft beer and want to learn more about how drinks are made, come here.

Wine bars

A wine bar is not a place for your average beer swilling philistine, it’s a classier affair. Some people confuse them with yuppie bars.

Cocktail bars

For authentic cocktails, this is the place to be. A cocktail lounge is a specialty bar, with a focus on expensive but delicious and strong drinks.

Get your mixed drinks here

A martini bar is a niche style of cocktail bar, and a cutting edge cocktail lounge might offer craft cocktails.

Karaoke night bars

For people who need to be at the centre of attention, a karaoke night bar is one of the best types of bars, no contest! If you plan on singing, make sure you bring throat lozenges, and if you’re here to drink, bring ear plugs! The songs will travel a three block radius faster than you will.

Hotel bars

Hotel bars are often late night drinking establishments for travellers, lonely people and those who like different company every night.

Not everyone likes a hotel bar

However, those who do, will return time and time again.

With so many concepts to choose from, there will be a bar perfect for you.

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