Week 3: Getting Fit

Here we are at Week Three, and I’m still surviving!

I’ve now had three sessions and next week will be going to two sessions a week which I’m actually looking forward to – can’t believe I’m saying that! So far the sessions have been surprisingly enjoyable – Zoe mixes them up a bit each week so although we have a few exercises that we do each time, it stays interesting and there’s also something new each week. It’s hard work but is actually really fun too.

I’m still enjoying the boxing exercises and the kettlebell and still loathing the plank, though last week I actually managed to increase the time I could hold it threefold, so something must be working. I even ran to collect my daughter from nursery the other day – who is this person I’ve become!

It’s really nice having someone who can point out when you need to push something a bit harder, or when you’re doing it wrong and wouldn’t realise if you were alone. For example, I’ve always hated sit ups as they make me feel sick and unpleasant beyond the normal ‘urgh, exercise’ feeling. I assumed this was just down to having rubbish stomach muscles but it looks like it’s actually because I strain my neck when doing them and this seems to be what’s making me feel bad. I wouldn’t have known that’s what it was myself, but Zoe was able to watch what I was doing and tell me a different exercise to do that would work the same muscles without pulling on my neck.

I’m achier than I have been so far today – the fronts of my thighs in particular are killing me. But it’s all good!


For more information about Zoë and what she does, check out her website Fitbugs.net or come and ask her a question in the Ask the Trainer section of the forum

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