Ways to Gift Something Extra Special

This is that time of the year when you are thinking of making someone close to your heart very happy. The art of making someone feel wanted is not as hard as you might think. There are several ways of pampering your boss, spouse, parents, grandparents, children, or even your pet. Read this article to find out more.

Gifting ideas for grandparents

Gifting is associated with a happiness hormone called oxytocin. When you find personalised gifts for grandparents online, you are only making them feel warm and wanted. Perhaps it would be a nice idea to send them a collection of music CDs that contain songs they enjoyed when they were younger. If your grandparents are infirm, consider gifting them a small pet.

Gifting ideas for your boss

Your boss will remain a very important person in your life for a long time. To make him feel super special, consider gifting him an expensive brand of scotch. You can be more creative by buying a few premium podcasts featuring thought leaders in business and marketing, and gifting those podcasts to your boss. He will appreciate your gift.

Gifting ideas for your spouse or partner

When it comes to gifting ideas for your spouse or your partner, the sky is the limit. If your wife is a stay at home mum, and spends most of her time managing the kids, she deserves a break. You can book an inexpensive but comfortable lodge, bed and breakfast or something similar near a lake or a beach. There are several companies that can help you.

Gifting ideas for a working partner

If your partner or spouse is a working professional, then your gifting strategy needs to be different. How about gifting a personalised watch from Timex or some other company? This being the day and age of apps and mobile phones, how about gifting your spouse a premium app that increases his or her productivity? Look at the Play Store for app gifting ideas.

Gifting ideas for children

Kids are happy receiving presents and gifts all the time. Surprise them with a personalised baseball or cricket bat, or T-shirt bearing their name. Most probably your kids are heavily into mobile and PC-based gaming, so it would be apt to buy one of the recently launched Android or iOS games, and gift it to your son or daughter.

Gifting ideas in corporate events

If you are a small business and want to make your business event a truly memorable one, then it is time to think of some unique personalised gifting ideas. Think about your audience. Are your attendees thought leaders? What do your invitees do? Do they, like you, own businesses? Is your invitee list composed of dealers and distributors?

If you are calling your trade partners to your event, then you might want to reward them with vacations, assuming your budget allows for it. Thought leaders need gifts that help them in their thinking process. If you have business leaders coming to your show, then nothing will please them more than some free publicity.

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