Unique Gift Ideas for Gamer Kids

It can be difficult to buy gifts for gamer kids. Whether they play online or offline, they will often have interests that go far beyond your understanding, so when you are buying a gift there is always room for you to make a mistake. When you are buying a gift for your gamer kid, you should ask them what they would potentially want, as very frequently a surprise gift can fail miserably. You may end up buying them a game they already have or may end up buying them a game they really do not want.

Still, thanks to this comprehensive guide, you will be able to buy your gamer kid some unique gifts that they will truly cherish and adore. Buying a gift for your gamer kid has never been made easier, and here are some fantastically unique ideas for your child, or for any relative.

A Custom Deck Box

If your kid prefers games like cards over video games, then you should consider getting them a custom deck box. A deck box is a hand-made surface that they can play their cards on top of and is designed in a way to make sure it lasts for years and years. A custom deck box from the professionals of  https://www.yourplaymat.com/products/custom-deck-box comes with built-in storage, and when you are buying a custom deck box for your child, you should make sure that it comes with storage too! It can be easy to misplace your gaming cards, so by having the storage available to them inside your game box, they will never lose a card again. A custom deck box will be a great way for them to show off to their friends and show to them that they are dealing with a professional and not just an amateur.

Custom deck boxes are also awesome for tournaments. If your child enjoys going to card tournaments, then a gaming box can be their best friend. They will be able to take it on the move with them and take it to tournaments, which will give them more confidence! Playing on their game box at tournaments will give them the upper-hand and they will be so happy you got it for them after being crowned champion!

Many parents overlook how brilliant a deck box can be, and providing your child loves all-things-cards, then you should consider investing in one.

A Customized Headset

For every gamer kid, a headset is essential. Whether they play on a console or computer, you have likely heard them communicating with other players, and probably screaming the house down. A customized headset with their own special artwork is a brilliant way to show your child just how much you love them and give them a gift that they will adore and cherish. You should put artwork of cartoon or gaming characters they like on the headset, and add their name for a more personalized touch, which will surely make them ecstatic.

Make sure you buy the best quality headset you can; a poor-quality headset with their name on it will not make them happy, it may just irritate them.

A Vintage Console

If your child is a gamer kid, he will likely have the most up to date consoles you can provide. However, have you ever considered giving your child a vintage console? Vintage consoles can be a lot of fun, and there is a huge resurgence in their use, and a subculture devoted to them. Consider getting your child a vintage console and making their special day that much more special.

Admittedly, to start off with, they may dislike it and be resentful because it’s not modern-day technology, but after they have played it, they will start to appreciate how awesome the gift is. Some vintage consoles can be very expensive, so shop comparatively, and make sure you buy one that works and isn’t flawed or glitched!

Gamer Pyjamas!

Another gift you can give your kid is some gamer pyjamas! Gamers absolutely love merchandise associated with the games they play, so by getting your child some gamer pyjamas they will be able to sleep with their favourite characters and speak to them at night, long after the console is turned off!


If your child loves to play consoles, consider getting them some console accessories they may not have considered before. You can get them steering wheels and guns that plug-in to the computer, which can give them a better chance at winning in games that they are playing!

Now that you know what to buy for your gamer kid, there is no time to waste! With some of the gifts on this list, you will be able to surprise them and provide them with a gift they will adore and cherish, and likely never forget.


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