Try cloth nappies and help the environment

TRY cloth nappies and get a £30 refund.

Cloth nappies are an alternative to disposable nappies and can offer great cost, health and environmental benefits.

Essex County Council is offering a £30 refund on the purchase of any cloth nappies or laundering service.

To claim your refund you’ll need to be a resident of Essex – except Southend and Thurrock – have a receipt for cloth nappies or laundering service dated within the last 12 months and have a total purchase amount more than £30.

You can make one claim per baby.

If eligible, complete the online form and upload a scan or photo of the cloth nappy receipts, as well as a scan or photo of your baby’s birth certificate or maternity exemption.

The refunds are organised by Recycle for Essex, which aims to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

It is also offering a cloth nappy sample pack. These include a cloth nappy, two insert pads, five disposable liners and a £30 cloth nappy refund leaflet.

Cloth nappies are made of natural comfortable materials such as cotton and bamboo, which are soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, compared to disposables which are made of super-absorbent chemicals, paper pulp and plastic.

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