Travelling with Kids: What to Consider When Planning Your Trip

Becoming a parent means that you’ll usually need to make a few changes to your lifestyle. Your usual routine might become a thing of the past when you have children, especially when it comes to travelling. Travelling as a family can often be the best kind of adventure, but it’s very different to travelling without the kids in tow. Wherever you’re planning to go, keep these tips in mind to help make travelling with kids easier and more enjoyable.

Travelling with a Baby

If your child is still a baby, you’re in luck because they’re usually easy to take pretty much anywhere, don’t care where you go, and won’t even remember going. So, you can often take the kind of trip that you are used to taking with a few additional considerations for your little one. Flying is usually fairly easy with most airlines offering a bassinet for passengers travelling with infants. One major factor to keep in mind is the temperature; you don’t want to spend your trip worrying about your baby overheating.

Travelling with Toddlers and Young Children

Once your child has gotten a little older and is on the move, it often takes a little more planning when it comes to holidays. Everything needs to be planned with your child in mind, from the flight times and booking your car from to the airport, to the hotel that you stay at and the facilities that are available for children. Children who are toddlers or a little bit older will usually remember their holidays and parents will often want to choose a destination that has plenty of child and family-friendly things to do so that everybody is entertained.

Travelling with Pre-Teens

Pre-teens are often at an age where they are starting to grow up and learn new things, so a family holiday can also be a very educational experience for them. If you’re considering travelling with pre-teens, you’ll want to consider the activities that are available in the destination, especially when it comes to monuments, museums, and other places where they can learn more about the country and culture. City breaks are often much more fun for pre-teens than younger kids.

Travelling with Teenagers

A teenager might not be thrilled by the idea of spending a couple of weeks on holiday with their parents, so it’s worth getting them involved in the planning process and asking for their input when deciding where to go. Some teens might already have a bucket list of places that they would like to visit and the things that they’d like to do, and keeping this in mind allows them to retain some independence on the trip and helps ensure that everybody is in good spirits. Many parents of teens find that inviting a friend or cousin of the same age along is also ideal, especially if your teen does not have any siblings close to their own age.

Travelling with kids is always different to travelling before you became a parent. Depending on your child’s age and preferences, there’s plenty to consider when choosing where to go and planning your trip.

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