Transforming Your Bathroom Into A Luxury Sanctuary – Here’s How

Everyday life can be pretty hectic, from work to doing chores in and out of the house, things can get really busy at times. That is why going back to your home and having some time to yourself to relax and feel comfortable can be quite essential after a busy day. And what better way to pamper yourself after longer periods of stress than by having a nice long bath in a chic bathroom where you feel like you are in your own personalized sanctuary? 

If you are bored with your old bathroom and are looking to jazz it up and transform it into your own luxurious spa space, here are some tips that can help you do just that.

Remodel the Space

Many people get stuck in the bathroom in their house that was already there when they moved in or one that they have had installed ages ago and has become dated. If that is the case for you and you are keen on having your own retreat at home, then you should consider remodeling the whole space. As seen on, your old bathroom might look and feel boring when space is not used efficiently or the furniture and tiles are just really old and weary. If your budget allows it, consider tearing down everything and starting over fresh with new tiles and countertops that would bring back life to the space and look more luxurious. As you remodel, try to choose calming color palettes that would make your bathroom feel more relaxed and help you achieve that goal of turning your own bathroom into a spa-like space. Whites and light blues can be great choices for small spaces as they would make them feel bigger, and you can always add little touches of more fiery colors to mix things up according to your preferences. 

Switch to Mood Lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in making your bathroom a relaxing sanctuary. Your old lighting can be irritating and not at all what you would find in any relaxing spa or retreat. To transform your bathroom and make it feel more luxurious and calming, you can add some mood lighting bulbs that would completely change the feel of the place. It is an easy trick that can be done on any budget. Natural lighting is also great in adding a relaxing element to your lighting and it would cost you pretty much nothing at all if you already have a window in your bathroom. All you would need to do is open that window and add light curtains if you please allow that light in while you are having a relaxing bath. 

Add Aromatherapy Spots

The scents in your bathroom play a huge role in how relaxed you would feel in it and how luxurious it can get. Fancy spas and extravagant retreats rely heavily on playing with the sense of scent to change your experience in such places. If you are looking to set a relaxing tone in your bathroom you should do the same by creating aromatherapy spots in your bathroom where you could place scented candles or natural smell infusers around the place. Adding aromatherapy elements to your bathroom can make all the difference in the world when it comes to giving you a more comforting feeling right there in your home. The great thing is, it is a very simple solution that would cost you very little but would totally transform your bathroom. 

Incorporate Plants into Space

Greenery is an important factor to consider when trying to transform your bathroom into a more elegant space where you can let go of all your daily stresses. Bringing nature into your bathroom can help greatly with making the place feel more embellished and unique. Having plants in the bathroom has many perks other than just making the place feel more relaxed. For starters, they are pretty cheap to get yet they can be a massive beautifying element that adds more life to the place than more expensive pieces. They also act as natural air purifiers and some of them have relaxing aromas that would make your bathroom smell like a dreamy forest. Make sure you are getting shade plants that do not need that much or any sunlight and consider playing around with the designs of the plant pots as you please. 

Upgrade the Accessories

Bathrooms can have much more than just a bathtub, a sink, and a toilet. Incorporating more accessorizing elements into your bathroom can transform it from a regular space where you go shower or get ready in the morning, to a lavish spa and a personal sanctuary where you can go in and have a relaxing time whenever you please. Accessories can be anything from new toothbrush holders to soft loofahs with unique handles. There are tons of options on sales at different stores for you to choose from according to your own sense of style. You can also consider investing in a mirror that would stand out in the bathroom and make space look much bigger as well as add a beautifying touch. 

Add Storage Units

A clean bathroom is a relaxing bathroom; that is a fact. But clean does not just mean scrubbed and sanitized. It also means that it is free from any clutter as items that are lying around making the place look and feel stuffed and busy. By adding storage units to the bathroom, you can declutter and ensure you are placing what you need where you can find it in an elegant way. This simple step would promote a more relaxing vibe to your bathroom and help you find peace in your own home. 

Going to a spa every now and then is not something everyone can do while leading busy lives. Luckily, with a few simple steps, you can have your own relaxing spa at home in your own bathroom for you and your family to use whenever you desire. If you are looking to transform your bathroom into a more luxurious space, consider doing some prior research and compare prices of different elements to ensure that you get some inspiration and make well-informed investments. 


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