Top Tips for Moving Properties

The actual process of moving for some people conjures up a significant fear of dread. Getting hold of the packing boxes, sorting through all of the stuff you did not even realise you still had, and trying to find someone to help you move the bedframe downstairs or the sofa out of the door can be anything but plain sailing.

Unfortunately, the amount of time and energy it takes us to even get prepared to move house can take away any excitement we might feel at the prospect of moving into our new place and making our new house a home. But there is no need to panic! It does not have to be like this!

Read this piece to find out some top tips for moving house and how you can make your life just a little easier making this transition!


Why Move House?

There are plenty of reasons people decide to move house, and the stats show that by the time you are 30 in the UK, you will have moved, on average, around four times. This is usually the time we are trying out new things, going to Uni, travelling, moving away from home for the first time, and trying to find our feet as adults, up to creating a family home of our own and moving based on career opportunities or lifestyle changes. Some want to move to the countryside for a quieter pace of life, some want to move close to family again, and others want to move from somewhere like London to Bristol, to have that city lifestyle still but with less of a price tag and less stress!


De-Clutter Your Stuff

Your first thought might just be to box and bag everything up to take with you to your new property, but you will find that as you go through your belongings, you might naturally start to declutter anyway. Decide on what you need, what you do not need, what you would like to keep, and what can be thrown in the bin. Not only does decluttering mean that life will be a little easier on the other end of the move, but it also means that you will need significantly fewer boxes, transport space, and other logistics to get your stuff from A to B.


Find a Reputable Moving Company

Unless you are lucky enough to own a van, having to cram a whole house worth of stuff into a small Ford is not going to happen. Depending on how far away your new property is and how much stuff you have can significantly alter the process of moving your belongings. Moving next door? Great, probably do not need a service; however, for those who are moving across the UK or are making a significant journey, hiring a reputable moving company might just be the best step you can take. You will not need to worry about loading or unloading the lorry, and professionals who do this job day in day out can make your life much, much easier – leaving you time to worry about everything else


Get Organized First

Is there anything worse than getting into your new property and realising you have no idea which box has the kettle in or those biscuits you saved, especially for when you got here as a treat snack? Realistically, there probably is, but us British people might be hard-pressed to think of something immediately.

One of the best ways to organise your belongings and boxes is to label and take pictures of the contents of the boxes. This will help you to know exactly what is in there without having to open anything up and make a mess before you’ve barely got your first foot through the door! It is also important to put yourself together an essentials bag, so you have everything you are likely to need da- to-day in one place. You do not want to be rummaging around to locate the bathroom box in order to find your toothbrush!


Use Smart Hacks

The internet is full of smart hacks, and when we see something so simple and so clever, we cannot help but want to try it. Keeping your clothes on hangers while storing them is a top tip for moving clothes from wardrobe to wardrobe. Using soft items such as towels and bedclothes to wrap around fragile items can help you save on packaging materials and keep your belongings safe. Using items such as bags and suitcases to hold items instead of being stored away empty can utilise much-needed space!

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