Top Reasons Why “Living Walls” are Blossoming in Cities Across the Globe

Living walls is a relatively new term that reflects the increasingly popular trend of creating a wall of plants. In fact, the term can apply to any space that is partially enclosed by plants, creating a feeling of being at one with nature even when you are not actually in nature.

Living walls can be made from a multitude of different plants, from the Kentia palm to the Pothus or even the creeping fig. You will find them in offices, coffee shops, and even the mall. Here are the top reasons why:

Aesthetically Pleasing

A plant in flower looks good and will attract your eye. A whole wall of plants and flowers simply looks fantastic. Living walls look good and make you feel better about being alive, that is as good a reason as any to have them in buildings.


Potentially more important is the fact that plants have been shown to help people de-stress. Simply being in nature and admiring the plants or sitting peacefully among them will help you to feel more relaxed and allow you to focus on the bigger picture.

This is the perfect way to relieve stress. Long-term stress has been connected with an increased risk of a variety of age-related diseases, including heart attacks. That makes it is a good idea to de-stress regularly. 

Of course, when plants are able to relax people it makes them more receptive to other ideas, even if that is spending money on items. This is part of the reason malls are keen to add living walls to their premises.


Studies have shown that people that work near plants are more relaxed and more focused. This makes them more productive which is a great incentive for all employers to add a living wall to the office space.

Although scientists are still looking into why, or how, productivity increases through plant exposure, there is little doubt that it does. Theory suggests that it’s connected to feeling better about yourself and that a positive mood simply improves your ability to perform.

Better Air Quality

Plants are known to purify the air, they are capable of removing an array of harmful pollutants from the air, reducing your risk of contracting diseases, and helping you to feel fresher and more focused.

In addition to removing unwanted pollutants, plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen, supporting normal breathing.

The Emotional Bond

People care about plants! Many people will name a plant, the individual plants in a living wall, or the wall as a whole. This emotional bond means they are invested in helping the plants to grow and flourish. This involvement ensures the person returns to the spot, again and again, a viable business strategy for a café or similar establishment!

Lack Of Nature

Finally, humans have a natural affinity to nature. As cities become busier and more crowded it can be hard to find nature. Living walls are a simple solution to this issue, allowing people to feel at one with nature without taking large sections of the city.

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