Top Kids Sandals For Every Occasion

Sandals are some of the most functional and essential footwear for kids. Apart from their primary function of protecting kids’ feet in the most comfortable manner, they can also complement their outfits for all types of occasions as sandals come in a wide range of designs, materials, shapes, and colors.. Be it for a casual outing, or a ballerina or birthday event, there’s always a sandal for your kid to wear.

If you’re wondering about what type of sandals to get for your kids, here are the top kids sandals for every occasion.

  1. Slides Sandals

Slides are a form of backless, open-toed footwear that cover the whole feet, from the ankles to the toes. They come in various designs. Some slides are strapless, while some have a single or more straps attached to the ankles for more firmness. They’re similar to flip-flops as they also have flat soles, but don’t have a Y-strap that’s common with the latter Slides’ straps usually cross the front of the feet, toward the toes.

If you’re in need of comfy kids sandals for every occasion, you can never go wrong with slides. Slides are specifically made to look cute and attractive for kids. They can run errands and go to camping trips with them, among many other activities. Slides are currently one of the most sought-after kids sandals due to the obvious comfort they offer. 

  1. Wedge Sandals

Wedges have heels that extend from the back of sandals to the front shank, forming a wedge shape. These sandals can be produced from different materials, including rubber and leather. Also, they’re available in different designs, wedge shapes, colors, and sizes.

Kids can easily pair their wedge sandals with their selected outfits for beach vacations, weddings, and more occasions. Wedge sandals give a sophisticated look in the comfiest way. If your kid is just learning to wear heeled footwear, wedge sandals would be a great start as they’re stable enough to be worn by little girls.

Whenever your kids wear their wedge sandals, you don’t have to be worried about them falling or breaking their necks. When kids walk in wedges, their weights are distributed evenly on the soles of the sandals for optimum balancing. The block heel feature serves the wearer with the needed stability. 

  1. Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are backless sandals that are firm on the wearers’ feet through the V- or Y-shaped straps that meet together in the middle of the big toe and the second toe. They’re typically open sandals known to have thin soles, and which don’t cover most part of the feet. 

Flip-flops are named the way they are due to the sound they make when someone walks around in them. Although most people, especially the older generation, mainly use these sandals for casual outings, nowadays, people, including kids, are actually wearing flip-flops for different occasions. The fact that they don’t cover the entire feet makes them ideal for kids as they promote easier movement while the toes get more breeze.

When buying flip-flops, always pay attention to the straps and check the support and stability they provide when your kids wear them. 

  1. Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals are flat sandals with multiple strappy uppers that hold the ankles. Although, these sandals have been in existence since the ancient Roman times, these continue to be relevant in modern fashion trends. It’s a style inspired by the Roman gladiator footwear. 

The straps attached to gladiator sandals are strong enough to secure your kids’ footing. Some of these straps are made to be adjustable, while others aren’t. Thus, when shopping for gladiator sandals for your kids, ensure to pick the adjustable ones for proper fitting.

Some people do avoid buying these sandals due to the thoughts that their kids won’t be able to put them on without help. Well, you can easily solve this by going for gladiator sandals with adjustable Velcro straps. The Velcro makes it easy for kids to wear and remove.

You shouldn’t be surprised your kids prefer wearing their gladiator sandals often as they’re great choices for several occasions. When paired correctly, these sandals can make any kid look the coolest in any occasion. They’re simply versatile, be it visiting the playground or attending a wedding.

Another great thing about gladiator sandals is that they add an extra layer of security for your kids when they wear them. They’re fashionably protective for kids to run around without falling off their feet.


Sandals for kids are available in different sizes and designs. It can be quiet daunting to have to go through the endless list of various sandals that your kids can rock for every occasion. But, with the list provided in this article, you’ll never have a hard time choosing the right pair for your lovely little one. 

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