Top Firework Events In The UK

As the world starts to open up again, we’re looking forward to dusting off our coats and heading out to watch some incredible fireworks displays. Whether it’s for Bonfire Night, New Year’s Eve, or even just a friends’ birthday. These fireworks for sale will have the people watching in a trance. To get you excited for the upcoming celebrations, here are some of the top firework events in the UK.

1. London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Of course, we have to start with London’s New Year’s Eve firework extravaganza. People travel from across the UK and even from around the world to see this spectacle, and millions tune in to watch the event live on television. Each year, the event has a theme, complete with music, imagery, fireworks, and new technologies, such as drones, to create a magical experience that the whole country talks about over the New Year. This truly is the UK’s crown jewel of New Year’s Eve events.

2. Lewes Bonfire Night

This is possibly one of the most famous Bonfire Night events in the UK, thanks to its electric atmosphere that almost borderlines on pagan. On the 5th of November each year, thousands of people visit Lewes to see the burning of cultural effigies, such as Viking longboats and Luftwaffe bombers. There is also the incredible image of the 17 burning crosses, which represent the burning of the Lewes martyrs in the 16th century. This event is very popular with tourists, so can get extremely busy. You should make accommodation and travel plans well in advance if you would like to attend.

3. Fireworks At The Fort

If you are further up North, you should try the Bonfire Night display at Segedunum. Found just off the banks of the River Tyne, Segedunum is the ruins of a Roman for on the eastern side of Hadrian’s Wall. Day-to-day, it is a tourist and history buff destination, but on the 5th of November, it plays host to a spectacular fireworks show. When you book this display, you will also get free entry to the museum and access to a variety of activities, so this is a great choice for families.

4. The Tar Barrels At Ottery St. Mary

For an event that is completely unique, you may want to head to Ottery St. Mary in Devon for the annual Tar Barrels event. This tradition takes us further back in history than Guy Fawkes, and sees local pubs and breweries offering up a barrel each. This is then coated in tar and set alight, then carried through the streets by brave locals. Men, women, and children of all ages run through the streets with blazing barrels of tar on their heads, so it truly is a sight to see. However, there is also a traditional fireworks display to enjoy alongside, as well as fairground attractions for those who don’t want to carry a barrel.

There are so many more amazing fireworks displays happening across the country in the coming months. Take a look online to see if there is one happening near you, or attend one of our top displays featured in this post.

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