Top 6 Reasons Why Learning A Second Language Is A Great Achievement

Learning a second language comes with many special benefits, but nothing can compare to the incredible sense of taking pride in your achievements. Here are 6 top reasons why learning a second language worth a shot.


Simply Because You Can Make It

Learning a foreign language may seem like a pretty challenging task, but, in reality, it is not something you cannot do. However, just as other good things in life, to be successfully done, this activity calls for skills, efforts, and even courage, if you want. Are you ready to face the challenge? Of course, you are! Think of millions of children across the globe who fluently speak English as the second language – if they can, you can too!


It Makes You Self- Confident

Isn’t it the most significant accomplishment to be self-assured, feeling confident in front of an audience, no matter how many people are watching you and listening to you? When you are on the path of discovering a new language, mistakes are an inseparable part of the process. All chances are, you will be often pushed out of your comfort zone when mastering your skills in front of other students, but the great thing is it will teach you to move forward without looking back. 


You Own The World

Speaking metaphorically, of course. Visiting a foreign country as a speaker of the local language is a different experience as you can get to know people who live there, their culture and customs. 

Well, naturally, it is not possible to learn all the existing lingua francas to feel home in every corner of the globe, but if you choose wisely, you will have plenty of options right at your fingertips. Anthony from says if you opt for learning Spanish, you will have plenty of opportunities to communicate with native speakers as their number is approaching an impressive mark of 500 million. Apart from Mexico, which is the largest Spanish speaking country, this pretty simple to master language is spoken in Spain where it originated, across Latin America. Andorra and Gibraltar on the old continent and Equatorial Guinea in Africa are the other three Spanish countries.


You Can Count On a Better Education

Speaking another language opens you the doors of the best foreign universities, what is more, you can often get a high-quality education, which is far less expensive. Studying abroad is always a lot of fun and the majority of people who have spent their college years in another country will tell you, that was the best time of their life. Why not take advantage of such a win-win combination?

Also, we live in an era of information. If you want to know how things stand, there is no better way to figure it out than access news in the original language of a particular country. So, speaking a second language helps you be better educated and informed.


You Have More Job Opportunities

Perhaps you are not an avid traveler, but you can’t deny your career’s importance, which is a big (if not the biggest) part of people’s life. It’s not a secret; foreign language skills significantly boost your chances to poke out of the sea of other candidates and get a better job. According to the latest research, the demand for bilingual employees has spiked nearly 100% over the last several years. 

If you are fluent in a foreign language, you will choose from a far wider variety of options, regardless of the industry you are plotting to work in. Even if your potential job does not require a second language as a must-have, your chances to get the position you are interested in are always higher as employers prefer well-educated personnel. 

But as globalization is gaining momentum, erasing borders between continents, it is hard to find a business that does not involve trading partners or customers from abroad. Plus, many foreign companies strive to expand their international reach, opening offices, factories, or other facilities in other countries.


You Make Better Choices

Incredible as it may seem, some studies showed that bilingual people tend to make more reasonable decisions in their second language. Surprised? Despite some popular theories, it turned out that we are less emotional and more clear-headed; therefore, our choices are based on facts and driven by logic.

Speaking a foreign language is an excellent way to make yourself stand out from the crowd, regardless of whether you want to ensure better career opportunities or impress your new friends. Can you afford not to make your life better?


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