Top 4 Criminal Justice Careers

If you’re looking to pursue a career that gives you a sense of purpose, and allows you to feel that you are making a difference, then a career in criminal justice could be for you!

Working in criminal justice means that you are helping to keep people safe and playing a part in catching and rehabilitating offenders.

There are many different ways to be part of the criminal justice system; we’ll talk here about the most popular careers in criminal justice, what you can earn, and how you go about getting started.

Crime scene investigator

If you’ve ever watched CSI, you probably have some idea of what a crime scene investigator does, although, of course, it is dramatised for the show!

Crime scene investigators attend crime scenes and painstakingly gather and analyse evidence such as fingerprints and DNA. They may also help the criminal profiler to understand who committed the crime and how they did it.

The Marian University Online Criminal Justice programs are a great place to start if you want to become a CSI because they provide you with the educational background you need. They also place a strong emphasis on helping students get internships and placements to get real-life work experience. Work experience is essential for determining if you are a good fit for the career and help you find paid work once you graduate.

The average salary for a CSI is $56,320, and the field is expected to grow over the next ten years.

Police officer

Police officers protect people and their property, attending crime scenes and answering calls for help.

The work is physically demanding and stressful, but it’s work where you can immediately see how much of a difference you’re making. However, there is a high risk of injury, and the job is often on a shift basis with a requirement to work unsociable hours.

To become a police officer, you will usually need to attend a police academy, which will teach you about local law and civil rights, and police ethics. You will also receive supervised training on tasks such as traffic control, self-defence, first aid, firearm use, and patrol.

DEA agent

DEA officers help to enforce drug laws and prevent the distribution of illegal narcotics. They conduct investigations all over the United States and also work closely with border patrols where needed.

To be eligible to train as a DEA agent, you must be over 21 years of age, a US citizen, be in excellent physical condition, and hold a valid driver’s license. You must also be willing to relocate anywhere in the US. Generally, you will need to have a relevant bachelor’s degree. However, if you have relevant work experience, such as working in law enforcement or the military, this also allows you to access the training.

DEA agents earn an average salary of $77,210 per year.

Private investigator

Private investigators work for themselves, but they work closely with state and national agencies on all kinds of financial and criminal cases and work on missing person cases.

Private citizens, attorneys, and businesses usually employ them.

Private investigators earn an average salary of $50,700.

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