Top 3 Tips On Keeping Healthy Hair

Like many people, your hair is an important part of your overall aesthetic alongside the clothes and footwear you chose to wear. For both men and women, having healthy-looking hair can inspire confidence and complete an outfit whether it’s for work or leisure. So, what happens when you find your hair is being difficult to manage, whether it’s head or facial hair, and in some instances not growing back as expected? Here’s our advice on how to keep healthy-looking hair for as long as possible.

Seek Expert Help

If you have been noticing issues for a while with your hair and have tried different products to help, sometimes speaking to experts is the only way forward. Whilst most hair issues can be resolved through different maintenance routines, if your hair is not growing as it usually would or not at all, finding the right people to talk to can help restore confidence. For some people, this will involve looking at options that will extract or transplant hair from your body to the troublesome area. This type of solution can be carried out by a hair or beard transplant in Turkey where the costs to do so can work out much cheaper than in the UK. After consultation with an expert medical team, your requirements for your head or facial hair can be met exactly and provide the healthy hair you’ve been struggling to achieve through other methods.

Address Your Hair Type

Knowing the type of hair you have may seem like a small detail, but it is vital to ensure you are keeping it as healthy as possible. Some hair types may need higher maintenance than others, as following the wrong routine may damage the health of your hair in the long term. For example, if you have naturally oily hair, this may require daily shampooing to ensure your hair doesn’t look overly greasy too quickly, whereas if you have dryer hair you may not need to do this as often. Once you have identified your hair type and the texture of it, you can then make a better choice on which products to use. If you use styling products daily for both head and facial hair, you may need to wash more regularly to remove this, but take note of the effect this has on your hair health and adjust where necessary.

Nourish Your Hair

As well as choosing hair type specific shampoos and conditioners for head and facial hair, you should consider how your diet affects your hair health. If your body lacks zinc, this can cause your hair to shed and accelerate hair loss. To avoid this, try to increase your zinc intake by eating more fruit and vegetables and plenty of water rather than tea, coffee, or sugary drinks. Omega 3 Fatty Acids should also be focused on and increased in your diet, either through supplements or food such as fish, yoghurt, cereals and more. Diet can be one of the most overlooked reasons for hair health, so try improving the food you eat daily and see how this impacts your immediate hair health.

Along with identifying your hair type, by making small changes you can drastically improve your hair health. If there is still no improvements, then remember there is always expert help and advice available to provide you with the healthy head and facial hair you’ve always wanted.

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