‘Tis the Season for Spruce Up

It’s the season for inviting people into your home, and if you are like me, you start to see your house through different eyes. Does it look a bit tired and worn out? Other than completely redecorating, what can you do to spruce things up a bit?  Here are some ideas for making changes to different areas of the house.

Entrance Hall – When you open your front door, does your heart sing, or do you shut the door quickly so no-one sees in? Tips for brightening up an entranceway can include hanging a favourite picture or mirror to make it feel more like a room. Adding a bunch of flowers also gives a special feel, fresh are lovely but there are some amazing artificial flowers around and the benefit of these is you don’t have to keep replacing them. Keeping your hall area tidy will not only brighten your entrance but having an organised place for coats and shoes makes everything just a little bit better.

Living Areas – If you can’t afford to replace a tired sofa, disguise it. A few new cushions and throws can transform a room and you can use bold colours for accessories that you may not want to use on the walls of the whole room. You can take the colour-popping further with a piece of artwork or another bunch of flowers to pull the whole thing together.

Flooring – Any room can be changed with a new rug. A great rug is a focus point and can make a room feel like new. Rugs are also great for hiding any unfortunate spillages. In a house with kids we have a few of both. If you are going to go for new carpets, neutrals throughout the house can give a luxury feel and the benefits of neutrals are that you can redecorate a room without needing to change the carpet.

Lights – Just simple things like adding a lamp or changing a bulb brightness can change the way you see a room. Lighting candles in an unused fireplace makes a cold space instantly alive. Lightly scented candles can bring a sense of luxury. If you are out of the house a lot then lit candles may not work for you, so a scent diffuser can also add that luxurious smell. A small string of fairy lights can add sparkle to a shelf, book case or mantlepiece. These pretty lights don’t need to be just for Christmas.

Bathroom – Sometimes, if the basics are good, what a bathroom needs is just a deep clean and a freshen up. Little things like a grout pen can refresh tiles, a new toilet seat can make that well used area seem new.  Top this up with a fresh scent diffuser and some new hand towels and you don’t need to worry if a guest needs a visit.

Kitchen – The heart of the home, the workhorse and the place everyone always seems to end up congregating. You need a kitchen to be proud of. Keeping surfaces sparkling and clear is a help, as is finding storage space for all your counter-top equipment. Sometimes though a tired kitchen needs an overhaul.  It’s an intimidating idea having a new kitchen, but if you find out your new kitchen suite installation costs it may not be so out of reach and will make you smile for years to come. After all, it’s the room you use most, it should be special.

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