Tips for transforming your children’s bedroom

Whether you are moving house or if you just fancy a change, it is always refreshing to change things up and redecorate. A room that will often need sprucing up is your child’s bedroom. Kids grow up fast and as they grow their interests change and they will likely grow out of their current décor and start demanding a new style. Here are some tips on how to transform your child’s room, creating a more long-lasting design.

Invest in one big ticket item

If you do not want to completely redecorate the room or spend hours repainting, then investing in just one big ticket piece of furniture can help transform to room with minimal effort. A perfect “big ticket item” is the bed itself. Kids beds come in all shapes and sizes and styles. Most kids find cabin beds or high-rise beds an exciting prospect and these can also help to save on space. Use a cabin bed as a way to create a cosy play area beneath, or when your child is at the age of needing a desk for their homework you can opt for a cabin bed with a built-in workspace. If you really want to get creative, you can get them a themed bed shaped like a treehouse or a race car – with a feature point like that you probably won’t need to make any other changes!

Go neutral on the walls

Picking neutral colours for your walls will ensure staying power and prevent you from having to redecorate once your little girl decides she does not like pink anymore! Use the accents around the room as a way to introduce colour such as the bedding or the furniture, things that are easy and preferably inexpensive to replace when their tastes change. If you want to get a little bit more creative with the walls but do not fancy repainting them every year then it would be wise to invest in removable wallpaper. This is much easier to switch out when your child grows out of it.

Use the ceilings!

The ceiling is often overlooked when people are decorating but it is a great thing to focus on when you want to change things up. Rather than changing up the furniture or redecorating the walls, you can add a completely new element by decorating the ceiling! This can mean installing an elaborate light fitting or various hanging decorations, or even garlands.

Soft furnishings

As mentioned previously, your soft furnishings are the easiest and cheapest way to change up a room. If your child wants to revamp their bedroom then get them some new bedding and cushions to accessorise their bed, purchase a new rug or hang up some exciting new curtains. In the same vein, your wall décor is a great way to transform a space. Swap the childish animal prints to more pop culture friendly posters or even family photos to make the space feel a little more “big kid” appropriate.

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