Tips for Feeling Good Everyday

As a mum, you know how important it is to look after your children; everything that you do daily is all about them. Making sure they are well-fed, happy, and healthy, but, in reality, how much time do you spend looking after yourself. The answer is, unfortunately, not enough!

How many times have you felt low, burnt out, and just generally exhausted? The answer to this is probably more times than you care to remember, but don’t worry, from now on, and move forward, that will change.  It is time to start putting yourself first.

Putting yourself first doesn’t mean neglecting your children; it is quite the opposite.  It means putting your needs and wants as high as you put your children’s because, let’s face it, if you are happier and feeling good, your children will also feel better, as no child wants an unhappy, miserable mummy.

So how do you look and feel good every day with those few spare minutes that you have?

To start with, you focus on your diet

Your children eat healthy balanced meals, so why don’t you. If they are at childcare or at school, you perhaps find yourself missing meals, well stop. Not eating enough and not eating a balanced and healthy diet is bad for your body. Not getting the correct nutrients and proteins your body needs affect everything, including your energy levels, skin, hair, and nails.

Now let’s talk about your appearance!

Who cares what other people think. What you look like is none of their business. So, make yourself happy, love yourself, and look the best you can.  If there are things you want to fix, then get them fixed. If you want a change of hairstyle or colour then go for it; if you wish to veneers or teeth whitening, then use Enhanced Dental Studios who are specialists. Want to lose weight? Then join a weight loss group, either online or offline. There is no excuse for you not to look and feel how you want to, and you are the only person stopping and limiting yourself with excuses.

Exercise, fun, and all-important me-time

Getting time to yourself is important for maintaining a good balance within your life. Sometimes it may seem impossible to get any time to yourself, but just snatching 10 minutes to meditate before bed or having 10 minutes to do some yoga will leave you feeling refreshed and motivated to tackle anything, including the cleaning. Self-care and mental wellbeing are vitally important for you and your family, so don’t neglect them.

There will be days when you have more time for yourself than others, but don’t pressure yourself. Take time to appreciate what you have got and remember that you are doing a great job raising your children. It is probably the hardest job you will ever do, but it is almost definitely the most rewarding position you will ever be in, so have as much fun as you can, where you can.

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