Three vegan products that could help improve your life

Just a decade ago, many people wouldn’t have known what the word vegan meant. Now, it’s a multi-million-pound global industry. More and more people are becoming vegan every day. Whilst many choose to do so to reduce cruelty to animals and protect the world around them, many people choose to eat vegan purely for the health benefits. A number of celebrities like Natalie Portman, Benedict Cumberbatch and even Bill Clinton have turned to veganism. With such big influencers across all fields singing its praises, it’s easy to see how it has caught on. If you’re considering trying new vegan products, here are three which could have big benefits on your day-to-day life:

Meat alternatives

One of the most common vegan products is alternatives to products that would traditionally be made out of meat. Previously, vegans would have either had to make all of their meals completely from scratch or shopped at a specialist store to assure they had a wide range of meals to choose from. Nowadays, supermarkets are dedicating huge amounts of space to vegan products. Recently the supermarket Asda announced they were going to introduce a whole aisle dedicated to the products in some of their stores.

Vegan meals come in a wide range of different types. Some are purely a lot of vegetables cooked together in their most traditional form, like in a soup or a stir-fry. Others have been manufactured as replacements for products that traditionally wouldn’t have been vegan friendly, such as spaghetti made out of courgettes and even burgers made out of things like beans or sweet potato. Some manufacturers have even gone one step further, creating products that look and taste like meat but have no animal ingredients.


There are also a lot of beauty products and health treatments that are completely vegan. If you’ve ever looked at the back of a medicine packet, you probably wouldn’t have understood almost all of the ingredients listed. They might have included lots of different chemicals that could have a number of bad side effects and could also be made using processes that damage the environment. Whilst the medical effects of products like CBD oil haven’t been proven to cure one illness one hundred percent of the time, many different people say that it has brought many different benefits to their life. The good news is that products like those available on are one hundred per cent vegan friendly, organically grown in a sustainable way and also completely gluten free.

Cleaning products

It’s not just medicines that can include harmful chemicals and manufacturing processes that are damaging our world. The products we use to clean every corner of our house could equally be having an impact on our health. Whilst anti-bacterial sprays are very important for killing germs and viruses that could be harmful to us, especially in 2020, there are some products where you could quite easily use vegan alternatives. For example, vegan washing up liquid and clothes detergent could actually reduce the possibility of skin irritation if you suffer from things like eczema.

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