Three effective ways to reduce your heating and cooling bills

Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is becoming increasingly expensive. Recent figures from Ofgem show that the average UK family pays out £1,254 on power bills. A significant percentage of that is spent on heating or cooling our homes. Fortunately, there is quite a bit you can do to reduce this cost.

Shop around for the best deals

The first suggestion is to shop around for the best power and fuel deals. You can do this regardless of whether you use electric, gas or heating oil to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

For example, heating oil firms like enable their customers to choose a delivery system that guarantees them a low price. They monitor each consumer’s consumption and work out when their tank needs refilling. This makes it possible for them to group deliveries together into geographically close addresses. Taking this approach leads to fewer wasted miles and ensures that their tankers leave the depot full. Working in this highly efficient way greatly reduces their running costs. Savings that the best heating oil firms pass onto their customers.

Electric and gas customers can easily shop around for the best tariff. Swapping providers only takes a few minutes.

Invest in some smart technology

Being able to control your heating remotely is an effective way to reduce your power and fuel bills. These days, it is all too easy to inadvertently end up heating an empty house. You never know when you will have to work late or are going to get caught in traffic. Using smart thermostats and other devices enables you to remotely turn your heating off or change the time it comes on. This ensures you never end up heating an empty house.

Install individual thermostats

Installing a thermostat in every room is another way of minimising your heating bills. Most people find that keeping their bedrooms at the same temperature as their living rooms is unnecessary, uncomfortable even. Once in bed, they feel too warm. Plus, as you can see from this study, keeping your bedrooms at a lower temperature than your living areas can help you to sleep better.

If you cannot afford to buy so many thermostats, consider buying one for upstairs and another for downstairs. This will enable you to keep the two halves of your home at different temperatures. Not quite as good as controlling the temperature in each room, but it will still make a positive difference.

Change where you put your thermostat

It is also important to install your thermostats in the right places. An awful lot of families still have them in their hallways. As you can see here, this is far from ideal.

Typically, this part of the house is cooler than the rest. Even with good draft-proofing, air from outside tends to get in through the front door. Plus, often, rooms like the kitchen, that do not have any heating, lead off of the hallway. So, if you have a thermostat in the hall, you will likely end up inadvertently overheating other rooms.

The above suggestions will also help you to spend less on cooling your home. With the average outside temperature rising, in many parts of the world, homeowners are increasingly having to use air-conditioning. So, it is important to make changes that also help you to use your home’s cooling devices efficiently.

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