Three cheers for baby hats

….and five good reasons why babies should wear them

1) Babies spend a long time snuggled up in the womb to be then pushed out into the cold. Baby hats help to protect them from this change in environment, helping to keep them warm and snug.

2) When babies are newborn their heads are about one quarter of the total body surface area and they lose a lot of heat this way. This is more so for premature babies as their heads are larger in comparison to the rest of their little bodies. Baby hats help babies to maintain warmth in their bodies

3) Babies can’t regulate their body temperature very well until they’re at least 6 months old.

4) Baby hats also help to protect babies from sunburn. Babies are particularly susceptible to sunburn as generally they don’t have much hair.

Please note, baby hats should always be removed once inside or in a warm area to prevent overheating (unless you have been advised otherwise by your healthcare professionals).

By Kim at Hats My Baby

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