Things To Consider Before Your First Date In A Long Time

If you’re a single person and have been out of the dating game for a while, it’s likely you’re feeling nervous about going on dates again.

There are a few things you should think about before stepping out the door and meeting up.


First Impressions

This is everything. First impressions can define not only the whole date, but potentially the whole future relationship.

Remember however, that first impressions go both ways. As much as you want to give yourself the best first impression for your date, you also need to consider the first impression they give out.

It’s hard sometimes if you haven’t dated in a while to worry about how you will be perceived, rather than how you perceive others. Know your own self-worth. If they give bad impressions but they like you, it might not be worth seeing them again.



Doing your hair before a date can be quite therapeutic and get you in the mood for it. It helps that you’re usually looking in the mirror at the time to boost self-confidence.

If you’ve not had a date in years, it’s possible you look different than your last date. Perhaps you’ve suffered some sort of hair loss?

If you want that boost of confidence with your hair before you start hitting the dating game, consider looking into hair transplants.

Businesses such as The Treatment Rooms, in London, specialise in hair care and surgery that can get you back to feeling more like yourself.

If you’re not sure if it’s for you, consider booking an online consultant to hear more about how it all works and what can be done for you.

Go into dates feeling more like you.



The venue can be crucial for the success of a date. If you’re going on a date at an ice-rink, but you really don’t like ice-skating, then you’re probably going to have a bad date.

Speak to the person you’re going to go on a date with honestly about what places you’d like to go and get them to do the same.

This way, you’re both going to end up at a venue you both have an interest in. This eliminates a problem straight away and you can focus on the date itself.



Where possible, try to go into the date as confident as you can. That’s not to say be arrogant, as no one will enjoy that, but just seem like you’re happy to be there.

Hopefully if you’re confident it will help take the edge off of the whole thing, if indeed there was an edge.

It may even end up helping your date also be confident, as your confidence may rub off onto them.


Enjoy Yourself

Remember why you are on the date. Dates aren’t supposed to feel like a chore, or a work presentation or anything that can cause anxiety.

The whole point of a date is to have fun, to relax and unwind. You may be slightly out of your comfort zone but embrace it and enjoy yourself.


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