The Ultimate Outdoor Gear: Gadgets & Accessories

If you desire to reconnect with the great outdoors, spend some quality and lucrative time with friends and family surrounded with lush greeneries, breathe in the fresh air, or simply unwind, then you must pack immediately. Whether you want to have a picnic, go hiking or camping, you should get all the necessary equipment and accessories –  more resources here. Even if you think that a set of matches, a tent, or a sleeping bag is enough, you thought wrong. For those campers and outdoor enthusiasts who wish to fully immerse in the outstanding outdoor activities, here is a complete list of all the gadgets and accessories they would need to make their experience a fun and memorable one.

Gadgets for finding your way round

Headlamps and solar lanterns



Some of the key essentials for camping or working outdoors are headband lamps. Designated to help you find your way around, headband lamps, for instance, allow total hands-free operation, they are lightweight and come with the rechargeable batteries. You will be able to sag around, chop wood, go around the dark outdoors areas without having to worry about the headlamp flushing down your forehead. If you desire to enjoy a tranquil night inside your tent, a rechargeable LED USB lantern or a solar lantern that can also help you find your way when the night falls.

Navigation and GPS gadgets


Nowadays, smartphones and cutting edge technology have made our lives easier and more serene. However, when you are out in the wilderness and when your battery dies or you lose signal, you won’t be able to rely on your smart technology. Well, you may count on it if you get a gadget like The Somewhere Global Hotspot which is a satellite messenger that can only send urgent messages, alerts, and calls through a super-fast Iridium network. Next, a smartwatch like Casio Pro Trek Smart has a built-in navigational system with detailed topographic maps is another handy accessory. In the end, a classical compass might be the nifty choice.

Hiking and clothing accessories


Amongst many other travel accessories, to get your way around easily, you get shoes and clothing accessories that will make you feel safe and comfy. Bulky and heavy hiking boots are handy for spending time outdoors in the rain or severe weather, but having a pair of speed hiker shoes is better. Choose waterproof and moisture-wicking clothes, boots and shoes that suit the terrain. Last but not least, choose the right backpack for your outdoor adventures that has enough zipped top pockets and enough roomy space for all other accessories.


Gadgets for a comfortable stay


Tents and hammocks

When you spend time outdoors it is crucial to provide adequate shelter. For your shelter, you can choose a trailer or RV, which can be expensive or go for survival, cold-weather, inflatable, or canvas tents. These tents come with a range of materials, sizes, and colors, but they will give you the ideal shelter for your outdoor adventure. Hammocks are another cool option only make sure that you bring a sleeping bag unless you wish to sleep under to stars.

Sleeping bags and all-purpose blankets


With today’s advancements, outdoor sleeping has been brought to a whole new level. Besides using a traditional sleeping bag, nowadays you can find a lightweight, waterproof, and luxury-packable quilt like Nano’s Tango sleeping bag. Another nifty accessory is the wearable sleeping bag with removable arms, legs and booties ideal for sleeping in the hammock. When sleeping in the great outdoors, the night can be rather chilly, owning a Rumpl all-purpose weather blanket is a must. When you have water and odor resistant blanket it will surely keep you warm in whatever harsh environment you find yourself in.


Chairs and portable gadgets

Sitting on the ground is cold and unhealthy. Bringing portable, functional and lightweight chair with adjustable seats. You can easily pack them in your car and there are rather affordable so you can get every family member each. Make sure that you get collapsible chairs so that they don’t sink into the soil that easy. The portable folding camp table is good if you want to enjoy your meal with ease. Instead of pillows, bringing portable inflatable air mattress is a wiser solution.

Survival gadgets



Medical supplies ad first-aid kit

When planning to spend time outdoors where weather can be unpredictable and where there are numerous dangers, one must come prepared. Never go camping without basic medical supplies. Gaze, bandages and some painkillers are vital. The most lucrative accessories to get would be a fully-equipped first-aid kit and some insect repellent to draw away the nasty pests.


Survival folding knife

Hopefully, you won’t get lost or have to find your way back alone in the wilderness as Bear Grylls did in his show, but owning his Survival AO Folding Knife will get you out of many troubles. A specially designed survival knife with a user-friendly plunge lock and 3-inch steel blade will undoubtedly be handy when out on your outdoor adventures.

Cooking gear and gadgets



Firepit logs and portable cooking stoves

Roasting marshmallows and singing catchy tunes are usually the reasons to make a campfire. But don’t expect it to get your warm or produce a solid meal. Swedish Candle Fire Pit Log is one of the fancy accessories to get which will both keep you warm and help you cook delicious meals. Or go sleek and posh by getting a smart portable burning BioLite Campstove which besides fire allows you to charge other gadgets because it converts heat from a fire to electricity.


Other cooking accessories

On your outdoor adventure bring plastic plates, glasses, eating and cooking utensils, a high-performance cooler to keep your drinks cool if you go camping during summer, and of course enough cooking water. Have a BPA-free personal water filler bottle to saturate your thirst at all times.

By getting all the right gear you ensure an enjoyable and productive outdoor experience.

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