The Top 5 London Shows To Take Your Child To This Summer

London is a truly remarkable city and those who visit never run short of things to do. Taking a child out for the day doesn’t lower your chances of finding an activity whatsoever and some of the shows and musicals playing within the city can be an ideal and entertaining experience for both mother and child.

These are our top 5 suggestions:

The Lion King
A timeless classic; everyone knows the story, and now you can watch the musical. The power and grandiose tone of the film is not lost and all your favourite songs appear with humorous, efficient performances, and stunning set design. This is an absolute must see and is kept suitable for all ages; there are some scarier scenes, but nothing too intense, and best of all cheap Lion King Tickets can be picked up from almost all major ticket retailers.

Wicked is a beautifully creative musical, based on a novel depicting the relationship between two witches. Set in the world of Oz, this show is designed in the perspective of the Wicked Witch, a misunderstood figure who stands before an audience, emitting amazing spectacle, and outstanding heart. It’s a remarkably mature musical with some strangely heavy political undertones, but this shouldn’t put you off from visiting with your child, as the story is easy to follow nevertheless, and features many great song pieces and glittering production values.

Shrek: The Musical
Everyone’s favourite ogre gets a musical make-over in this hilariously fun outing. The musical is well directed and insanely colourful, featuring some great musical additions to the story which remains similar to the film. Songs such as ‘I Think I Got You Beat’ will prove to be instant hits with the kids and the set design is magnificent, truly reflecting a child’s fairy-tale book, and creating a different world for its marvellous actors to inhabit.


The Wizard of Oz
Another classic familiar to many; The Wizard of Oz strongly resembles its movie counter-part, and it is to its benefit that it does, considering the wide-spread appeal of the film and the songs featured. Songs such as ‘Follow The Yellow Brick Road’ and ‘You’re Off To See The Wizard’ will throw adults back to their childhood and guide children to an early period of movies and music with astonishing composition from Andrew Lloyd-Webber. The special effects used are nothing short of wondrous; it’s a magical musical for a magical tale of heart, brain, and courage.

The musical version of Matilda is ideal for children and those who still remember the movie from their childhood. With music and lyrics provided by comedian Tim Minchin, it’s an unforgettably funny experience, and has been heralded as the best British stage-play in quite a while. The musical never alienates its audience and is suitable for all ages, containing show-stopping hit songs such as ‘When I Grow Up’ and ‘Revolting Children’. Its jokes will be appreciated by all, and its short time on the West End has been met by nothing more than unanimous critical praise.

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